Organic Hair???

Hi loves! It's been a while but I'm back and with a precious little discovery that I made not really long ago. I tried and liked! Of course, I had to let you know about it. Let's begin!!! Anyone with dyed hair out there? Struggling to find a shampoo that doesn't fade your color? Well, … Continue reading Organic Hair???

Review: Mineral Attitudes ♥

Hey loves, Let me start by saying that I have been a huge fan of  skincare products since I was about 14. I was introduced to it by my elder cousin who at that time was in college and used to have different type of face wash and face scrubs. Then, I discovered face masks when … Continue reading Review: Mineral Attitudes ♥

Let’s talk: face masks ♥

Everybody loves face masks,right? I mean who doesn't love this nice and tingling feeling on their face after a week of wearing makeup and this accumulation of oil and pollution |(Ewww) on your face which makes you look like an over fried dipain frire (my mauritian girls will understand). Well I love face masks, they … Continue reading Let’s talk: face masks ♥

Nutella Puff Pastry ♥

What's one way to make a long day (not really that long but it sounds right) of fasting end deliciously along with the unfamous samousas and a hot tea or a yummy Alouda ? Nutella Pastry, that's what. It is already the 11th day of Ramadan and every single day at home it's been salty snacks … Continue reading Nutella Puff Pastry ♥