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Black Sheep for hungry souls

Sometimes the best moment is the one you didn't plan at all. It was Wednesday. Originally, our plan was to try a new restaurant that I discovered in the local newspaper. We battled with Google Map to find the location and called the restaurant several times only to find out that it was closed and… Continue reading Black Sheep for hungry souls


Wake up your taste buds at Ousa Thai Restaurant

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Oyyyeee Food Lovers!

I hope you are all doing fine. Well, I was craving for a different kind of food the other day, other than junk foods like McDonalds, etc.. and we decided to stop by Trianon Mall to have lunch. It was seriously the best decision made! We saw that very eye-catching Restaurant with the traditional Thai statues and we thought why not go there? I don’t know about you, but one thing about me is that being curious about tasting food from different places forms part of the foodie lifestyle.

2018-02-10 10.39.13 1.jpg Ousa Thai Restaurant Trianon

2018-02-10 10.39.14 1.jpg

2018-02-10 10.39.16 1.jpg Ousa Thai Restaurant

I was there with my parents and siblings, and we ordered one starter and 5 main dishes of which, 3 different types. Yes only one starter as we wanted to make sure that we finish our plates as we saw that they serve a generous amount…

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