Black Sheep for hungry souls

Sometimes the best moment is the one you didn’t plan at all. It was Wednesday. Originally, our plan was to try a new restaurant that I discovered in the local newspaper. We battled with Google Map to find the location and called the restaurant several times only to find out that it was closed and would open only in the evening. We haven’t given up yet! We will go again and try our luck soon (that’s why I won’t tell you yet about the place right now).

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Almost noon and our stomach started to growl, where to eat? Where to eat? After a while, we decided to head over to Black Sheep – a restaurant in Beau-Bassin that I first came across with my colleagues, not too long ago.

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As far as I could remember, the restaurant was quite busy on the day we went in, you could hear people murmuring and feel the eyes of others passing by on your food (which I hate, btw). I prepared myself for this exact atmosphere but to my surprise, there were barely any people around this time.

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We made our way inside, chose the table that we wanted and were warmly greeted by the waiter who gave us the menus. Now, time to make the most difficult choice of the moment- WHAT TO EAT!!!!

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Do you ever go through a menu, you see a dish and right at this moment you know that’s what you want to eat? Yes? No? OKay. That’s how I felt when I saw Beef and Creamy Mushroom Pasta on the menu. Right there, my choice was made. Jibran went for the  Black Sheep Beef Burger with extra chicken ham & pepper sauce.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetL’eau a la bouche, right? I loved it, the texture was rich and perfect to my liking. The pasta was cooked just how I liked it.  What I didn’t like/ What was missing? A little bit of salt and a pinch of “pepz” was missing. The Indian genes in me are so used to have this spicy taste in my bud that I find my food tasteless without it.

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As for Jibran, he enjoyed his burger a lot even if the patty was kind of small for the size of the burger (p.s he has a HUGE appetite, so it might suit other people). The pepper sauce added just what was needed to the burger and therefore he highly recommends adding it. Jib also thinks that a little bit more on the choices of burgers that they provide would be perfect, otherwise, the taste was really good, service was amazing, atmosphere was tip-top.

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Are you drooling? Let’s do the rating game, shall we?

Food – 4.5/5
Price – 4/5
Environment *(on this particular day) – 5/5
Service- 5/5

Will I go again?  Yes, yes and yes. Definitely, the place to have lunch when you are around the area. The prices are goood and the delicious food will make you happy. Happy you = Happy Life. Did you enjoy this one? If yes, let us know where we should visit next in the comments below or via Instagram



An evening at Paul – Worth the hype?

Happy Sunday loves,

Today, I am coming back to you with a gourmet mouth-watering post. This year, I’ve decided to take my DSLR along with me more often and make it a must to capture the new places I visit. If you think I need to go somewhere and write about it, feel free to let me know in the comments down below or slide into my DM on my Instagram.

Last week, Jibran and I had the chance to drop by the new French bakery, Paul which just opened its doors at Bagatelle this January. Now, if you know me from Instagram, you will know that apart from my love of makeup, I also L.O.V.E food.

I consider myself very lucky that I have someone in my life who enjoys food as much as I do (or even more than me 🙈). We love discovering new places, enjoy testing new cafe in Mauritius and very often we discuss the possibility of opening up something of our own in the future.

So, it only made sense that we test out Paul and share our experience with you guys. We made our way around 2 30 PM, just in time as Paul closes their door at 15 00 PM to re-open again at 17 00 PM.

Upon our arrival, we waited for a few minutes to get hold of a waiter so that we could get ourselves a table. We won’t be too harsh on the service as we understand that they just opened, new staff, new people and it looked pretty obvious that they were struggling a little to manage the orders and the clients.

After going through the menu card, we finally made our choice(s). I ordered an Eclair au café which I spotted as soon as I entered the bakery and a special Paul Hot Chocolate.
Jibran ordered a Cappucino, a Croissant aux Amandes, and a Pain au Chocolat

… 15 minutes later, we were still waiting while chit chatting, taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful vintage decor when another waiter came to us to check on our orders… again. We confirmed our order for the second time and the waiting game continued. 

Finally, after a good 20/25 minutes, the goods started to make an appearance on the table. To our great surprise, after 2 times checking on our orders, they still got it wrong. Instead of the Croissant aux Amandes they gave us it an apple pie.  What happened was that they were out of the croissant but didn’t bother to check with us before replacing it with something else. We didn’t bother and weren’t mad as long as they got the other orders right.

After all this confusion and waiting, time to finally taste the pastries. And we absolutely loved them. The perfect consistency, the right texture, and heavenly taste.

To be honest, it was the best Eclair I had in a while (totally recommend it). The hot chocolate was exquisite, I’ve never tasted a hot chocolate that creamy and rich. It almost tasted like chocolat fondu. Chocolate lovers, you will be served! 

As for Jibran, he thought: ”The pastries were delicious, I haven’t eaten something that good in a while. However, it is slightly overpriced. I loved the ambiance -very cozy and the coffee was one of the best I had in Mauritius, yet!” 

We also really liked the fact that you have a variety of options on the menu, a lot of pastries to choose from and a decent amount of drinks for you to savor. Plus, you can enjoy an actual breakfast, lunch or dinner as you prefer. The menu card is not hard to read at all – which makes it easier to find your happiness if you are indecisive like me.

If we were asked to rate Paul, we would say:

Pastries – 4/5
Drinks – 4/5
Price- 4/5
Environment – 5/5
Service- 3.5/5

Will I go again? Absolutely, I cannot wait to go back soon. They definitely have to improve on a few things but.. there aren’t many spots like Paul on our little island where you can sit down to work while enjoying a drink or have a meal without the feeling that everyone is looking in your plate while passing by. This spot is a good one, small but still a cozy space where you can sip on a coffee with a pastry, of course – the perfect scenery to catch up with your girl squad or your chéri(e).




Discover l’Appret-midi through my lens.

Hello my lovely people,

I hope everyone is doing great, had an awesome weekend and ready to tackle this week ahead! Today I want to make you discover one of the cutest local shops I’ve ever been to. I’m sure you’ve already heard about it or already been there. But, if you haven’t, I hope after reading this post you will want to drop by sometime soon. For the time being, I invite you to have a look of L’Appret Midi through my camera lenses.

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Situated in the capital of Mauritius, more precisely at Caudan Waterfront, L’Appret Midi invites you to have a look at a variety of new trendy and unique pieces of clothing as well as gorgeous shoes.

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I was welcomed by the beautiful Sandiana, who is the owner of the shop. She offered to turn on the AC as I was sweating so much from the weather of Port-Louis.

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After chatting for a little while about Girl Love and our lives, I couldn’t wait anymore to start exploring every corner of the shop.

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The tiny details, the decor, as soon as you enter the cozy shop is all you will notice as well as the pastel-colored walls contrasted with the splash of colors from the clothes. Are you ready for your summer shopping…let’s get right into it! I will leave you with the rest of the pictures that I captured… enjoy!

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Embroidery, stripes, polka dots, floral, tropical patterns, kimonos, dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, jump-suits… options that youwon’t be able to choose from and hold on to your credit card because you might end up broke after your shopping.

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P.s I fell in love with these shoesProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

L’Appret-midi just started to sell pieces of jewelry not so long ago to help you find your complete outfit, from top to bottom, work or casual look, boho or minimal style, all in one store. Awesome, right?

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Personal observation: She is not only the most friendly person EVAA but, Sandiana also makes sure to help her clients by giving them bits of advice so that they make a good purchase and leave the store as happy clients.

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2017-10-01 11.22.11 1.jpg

2017-10-01 11.22.09 1.jpg

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I did. Do let me know if you want to see more like this, DM me on my Instagram or on my Facebook Page.


© This is NOT sponsored. All photography and views expressed in this blog are my own.


My Eau Bleue Experience

Last year, while scrolling on Instagram, I came across of a breathtaking picture. Turquoise color water, waterfalls, and nature. Curious as I am, I needed to know more about this place. After searching for a while, to my great surprise, Eau Bleue, found near Cluny was only 20 minutes away from my place. How did I never heard about it?

Since then, my goal was to go and visit this place, to see if the color of the water was really this blue or maybe it was just Photoshop’d. Last summer, I didn’t make it as I heard that it was quite dried out and it was not worth going when it was so hot. Finally, Wednesday my boyfriend, Jibran and I made our way to it. We planned to go a few weeks before but for some reason, both of us were not having a good feeling about it. We listened to our guts and we didn’t go. However, on Tuesday we decided for sure that we would make it and on Wednesday, even if it was raining, at 11 AM, we were on our way.


There were no directions or any sign but you can’t miss the destination because, throughout the road, it is the only place where you will see a long line of parked vehicles. Just after us, two cars and a bus filled with people joined us. A few woods assembled together were the first step to reach the place where you see the turquoise crystal water. However, to get to the water you have to climb down the muddy path. Due to the weather on this day, the path was EXTRA muddy.  Jibran started to climb down and after a few steps he slipped and held on a branch. I felt my heart pounding away and the group of people (who clearly were not going to climb down) that were watching us started yelling: “Pas faire sa mamou! Ena la mort la-dans!” At that moment, I saw the yellow barricade police tape and immediately I thought about the boy who died a few weeks ago. I panicked and at that moment, I just wanted to go away. I told Jibran we are not going down and he made his way up to me. Even if he tried his best to reassure me that nothing would happen and after a mini argument, I still couldn’t take any risk for something to happen to him, to us.

I could see the disappointment on his face We took a stroll around and I calmed myself down. Finally, we came to the same spot and the huge and noisy family were not there anymore. I looked at the water from above and I could hear people laughing and splashing water. I wanted to go so bad! At this moment, a foreign man took the lead before us (after arguing with this partner) and he climbed down so easily. He slide himself and with the help of the branches he was down within a few minutes.

“Okay Okay, WE ARE DOING IT!” 

I think the way these people screamed and when I saw the yellow police tape, I had a panic attack. There were so many people gathered around us that it made me really uncomfortable and they were so loud in such a peaceful place. This foreign man was a tutorial for me and when I saw how he climbed down, I knew I could do it. Jibran took the lead and throughout the way kept on instructing me where to put my feet. He was so patient and amazing! At some point, I sat down and slid my butt on the mud. My clothes were dirty, my hands were just muddy, my white shoes were not brown but as I reached down, I was B L O W N away!




It was more beautiful than what I expected. The sound of the waterfalls was so relaxing, the color of the water was surreal and the water was so cold and so good, the calmness of this place, the fresh air on my face. I felt as if I could spend days here. The struggle to climb down was so worth it!


Enough of reading, the short video until you visit this little heavenly corner of our beautiful Mauritius!

Until next time!



Friendship and Food ❤


Yesterday, I went to Curpipe to meet my good/best friends Sumi, Fat, Ayesha and Anjum. Since we left high school which has been 3 years now we haven’t had a chance to meet up all together.In school, we would always hang out together. Each of us studied different subjects and we were in different classes, but as soon as the bell rang for recess, I would take my food and run to Sumi’s class (which was our meeting point) and make sure to spend this 15 mins break together. Every one of us took our own path after HSC but the bond we shared is still intact! Every time, we planned a meet-up, one of would be missing (Fat, you know I’m talking about you). This time I literally threatened her and made sure everyone knew I would be very mad if someone couldn’t make it. And THANK GOD! everyone made it! It was such a sweet day, full of memories and crazy laughter. As soon as we meet up, it was as if we were seeing each other after a day, as if we never ever separated. The ” Do you remember, we did that…. ??” and gossips about each others lives began while we made our way for some shopping. Just after, some stomach started growling. It was time to feed our bellies. We went to a cute little restaurant called Poz Kfe found near the Supermarket Sik Yen. Sumi and I have been there twice and we always had a good experience, and so we decided to have lunch there. We had the restaurant to ourselves and spent almost 2 hours chatting and gulp down our delicious Mauritian food. After that we strolled through the streets and we decided to go at one my favorite place to have some desserts, Anjum and Ayesha never went there and thus it was a perfect excuse for me and Sumi to have a little cheat dessert. It was so much fun, we tried different cakes ( Chocolate Oreo Cake, Peanut Butter Cheese Cake and my all time fav, Red Velvet Cake).We all had such a great afternoon satisfying our sweet tooth and catching up! I love days like these.