The ULTIMATE Burger House you have to visit in Mauritius!

Right in between the loud traffic and the never-ending crowd of La Rue des Forges, a new fast food opened its doors a few months ago. Not any regular fast food - a Burger House called Sear & Stack. Behind Sear and Stack is a 26 years always smiling and beautiful lady called Maariyah. After… Continue reading The ULTIMATE Burger House you have to visit in Mauritius!

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3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Hey loves, Happy Sunday and welcome back to the blog where I will show you how easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy it is to prepare a healthy breakfast to start the day properly. Now, we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It increases your metabolism, enhances your mood and stimulates intelligence as… Continue reading 3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes


The Best Lemon Loaf you’ll ever taste ðŸ‹

Full of lemon flavor, moist, dense, and rich. That's what this cake is all about. 🍋 I’ve tried countless internet recipes for lemon cake and some were ‘O.K’ but not perfect while others were total fails.  This recipe is an easy, no-mixer, one-bowl, whisk-together batter. It’s soft, springy, and moist without being heavy or dry, problems which… Continue reading The Best Lemon Loaf you’ll ever taste ðŸ‹

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Irresistible Tiramisu Recipe (NO EGG) ðŸ®

Hey loves, Yesterday I tried for the very first time to make Tiramisu. Out of nowhere, since a few weeks, I've been wanting to make some. I've been looking for an easy recipe that doesn't require too many ingredients and thanks to my cousin, I found the perfect one where you don't need mascarpone cheese… Continue reading Irresistible Tiramisu Recipe (NO EGG) ðŸ®