COLOURPOP Lipstick\\ Swatches & Review ❤

Liquid lipsticks have been IN for quite some time now. While they look amazing, those matte liquid lipsticks can be so drying on your lips and you girls know that the struggle is real when it comes to that time of the day to take it off. Or, during lunch or dinner time when the … Continue reading COLOURPOP Lipstick\\ Swatches & Review ❤

My At-Home Pamper Routine ♡

Hey my loves, hope you’re having a lovely weekend, today I wanted to bring you my pamper routine and maybe inspire you to try out some and make your weekend even better. You don't have to spend thousands to feel pampered all the time. Right in your cozy home, you can turn your room into … Continue reading My At-Home Pamper Routine ♡

Organic Hair???

Hi loves! It's been a while but I'm back and with a precious little discovery that I made not really long ago. I tried and liked! Of course, I had to let you know about it. Let's begin!!! Anyone with dyed hair out there? Struggling to find a shampoo that doesn't fade your color? Well, … Continue reading Organic Hair???

Review: Mineral Attitudes ♥

Hey loves, Let me start by saying that I have been a huge fan of  skincare products since I was about 14. I was introduced to it by my elder cousin who at that time was in college and used to have different type of face wash and face scrubs. Then, I discovered face masks when … Continue reading Review: Mineral Attitudes ♥

Let’s talk: face masks ♥

Everybody loves face masks,right? I mean who doesn't love this nice and tingling feeling on their face after a week of wearing makeup and this accumulation of oil and pollution |(Ewww) on your face which makes you look like an over fried dipain frire (my mauritian girls will understand). Well I love face masks, they … Continue reading Let’s talk: face masks ♥