My Eau Bleue Experience

Last year, while scrolling on Instagram, I came across of a breathtaking picture. Turquoise color water, waterfalls, and nature. Curious as I am, I needed to know more about this place. After searching for a while, to my great surprise, Eau Bleue, found near Cluny was only 20 minutes away from my place. How did I never heard about it?

Since then, my goal was to go and visit this place, to see if the color of the water was really this blue or maybe it was just Photoshop’d. Last summer, I didn’t make it as I heard that it was quite dried out and it was not worth going when it was so hot. Finally, Wednesday my boyfriend, Jibran and I made our way to it. We planned to go a few weeks before but for some reason, both of us were not having a good feeling about it. We listened to our guts and we didn’t go. However, on Tuesday we decided for sure that we would make it and on Wednesday, even if it was raining, at 11 AM, we were on our way.


There were no directions or any sign but you can’t miss the destination because, throughout the road, it is the only place where you will see a long line of parked vehicles. Just after us, two cars and a bus filled with people joined us. A few woods assembled together were the first step to reach the place where you see the turquoise crystal water. However, to get to the water you have to climb down the muddy path. Due to the weather on this day, the path was EXTRA muddy.  Jibran started to climb down and after a few steps he slipped and held on a branch. I felt my heart pounding away and the group of people (who clearly were not going to climb down) that were watching us started yelling: “Pas faire sa mamou! Ena la mort la-dans!” At that moment, I saw the yellow barricade police tape and immediately I thought about the boy who died a few weeks ago. I panicked and at that moment, I just wanted to go away. I told Jibran we are not going down and he made his way up to me. Even if he tried his best to reassure me that nothing would happen and after a mini argument, I still couldn’t take any risk for something to happen to him, to us.

I could see the disappointment on his face We took a stroll around and I calmed myself down. Finally, we came to the same spot and the huge and noisy family were not there anymore. I looked at the water from above and I could hear people laughing and splashing water. I wanted to go so bad! At this moment, a foreign man took the lead before us (after arguing with this partner) and he climbed down so easily. He slide himself and with the help of the branches he was down within a few minutes.

“Okay Okay, WE ARE DOING IT!” 

I think the way these people screamed and when I saw the yellow police tape, I had a panic attack. There were so many people gathered around us that it made me really uncomfortable and they were so loud in such a peaceful place. This foreign man was a tutorial for me and when I saw how he climbed down, I knew I could do it. Jibran took the lead and throughout the way kept on instructing me where to put my feet. He was so patient and amazing! At some point, I sat down and slid my butt on the mud. My clothes were dirty, my hands were just muddy, my white shoes were not brown but as I reached down, I was B L O W N away!




It was more beautiful than what I expected. The sound of the waterfalls was so relaxing, the color of the water was surreal and the water was so cold and so good, the calmness of this place, the fresh air on my face. I felt as if I could spend days here. The struggle to climb down was so worth it!


Enough of reading, the short video until you visit this little heavenly corner of our beautiful Mauritius!

Until next time!




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