My At-Home Pamper Routine ♡

Hey my loves,

hope you’re having a lovely weekend, today I wanted to bring you my pamper routine and maybe inspire you to try out some and make your weekend even better. You don’t have to spend thousands to feel pampered all the time. Right in your cozy home, you can turn your room into a little spa.


Right girls, let’s get our coziest PJ’s on and have a pamper evening! Some things to do beforehand which really help and get you in the mood for a pamper day/night:


I like to listen songs that can both make me cry a little bit – because you’re totally allowed a little weep (or full on hysterical I CAN’T BREATHE PROPERLY cry) during a pamper day, it’s all about ridding yourself of all the negativity – in your skin, hair and ahem, soul. That same album also has to have songs that make me feel like I could be Beyonce. Songs that make me feel empowered and motivated and full of excitement and passion for life. So erm yeah this is where I hit up Beyonce or Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift or The Weeknd and of course some Bollywood songs.


This is so important! Don’t forget to light some candles! They just make everything better and sets the mood. Light them all and don’t give a flip about how much money any of them cost you and whether you’re wasting them. Just kidding 😀 Be very careful and make sure you don’t put burn down your house.

                                                                 Peppermint tea

This works well for me because I bloody love the stuff.It’s mega good for you (said by Zainah) and so refreshing. Or know, there’s always green tea, or detox tea, or hot chocolate with half a can of whipped cream on.


Let’s begin. Shall we?

                                           Remove any makeup & Cleanse

Similarly to taking off your bra at the end of the day (if you’re still wearing yours GET IT THE FLIP OFF NOW), taking off make-up just makes your heart and your skin feel happier. I use the Garnier Micellar to start with removing all of my makeup with a cotton pad or baby wipes and apply coconut oil on my eyelids, massage them gently and remove any


Next, clean your face with your regular face wash and exfoliate your skin with your scrub. What’s your fav facewash and srub, let me know. These two are my current favs.


Steam your face by pouring boiling water in a bowl, draping a towel over your head, and let your skin steam for around 5-10 minutes. This will open up your pores and your skin loves this. Be very careful and please don’t burn yourself (it happened to me before)


This is the fun, juicy (ha) part. My fave part. I’m getting much better at not squeezing my spots unless they’re literally curdling on my face. Once the pores are opened, you should already see the white heads and blackheads (if you have any) popping out. Use a comedon to extract them all VERY GENTLY. It’s disgusting and yet so satisfying, right?

Now that you are white/blackhead-less, it’s time to put on a face mask. You can make some with a few ingredients from your kitchen or just use sheet masks or your favorite masks. Here is some of my fav facemaks that I use often.

Meanwhile, sip on your tea, do your nails, have a karaoke party while your songs are played, watch a movie, or your tv show, put on a hair mask on, read a book or watch my vlogs 😀 Just relax because girl just wanna have fun! ♫ 


Don’t forget this part, use a toner and moisturize your face, neck, hands, body and everywhere possible afterward. I use rose water as toner (it’s amazing) and my Bio-oil as moisturizer.


SO YEAH, DO ALL OF THE ABOVE. Do this for yourself, whenever I get the chance to pamper myself I stop feeling like crap, I stop feeling weepy, and I start to feel good about myself again. Oh, and my skin and body *probably* looks a bit better for it.

And the other best bit? I can still feel all the products making me all hydrated and sparkly when I wake up and it sets me up for Monday. So yeah, what’s better than feeling like you can conquer the world? Pretty much nothin’.

I really hope I convinced you to take some time for yourself and get some pampering done ASAP! If you do, let me know in the comments down below or message me on Instagrammie.  Hit me up, let me know what should next post be on 🙂

Much love,Zainah


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