Review: Mineral Attitudes ♥

Hey loves,

Let me start by saying that I have been a huge fan of  skincare products since I was about 14. I was introduced to it by my elder cousin who at that time was in college and used to have different type of face wash and face scrubs. Then, I discovered face masks when I got to know about the beauty world on YouTube. Since then, I’ve been testing everything…

I was kindly approached by this new company called Mineral Attitudes who gave me two products to try out and test. This company is quite new, based at Quatres-Bornes. However, this will in no way alter my personal opinion on each of these products. This review will be all my honest thoughts on personal experiences with each item.


I have been testing both for about a week now  and you’ll just have to take my word for it 😉


That said, let’s get on with it!

Ylang Ylang Face Scrub

The products came in a cute glass container (which I will definitely use again once I’m done with the scrub *wink wink*)

This scrub is fairly gentle and is mixed with quite a bit of olive oil (your skin will be shiny after using this) so you can’t overdo it. On my skin, the granules are neither too mild nor too abrasive but may prove little harsh for those with sensitive skin. It all depends on the abrasion threshold of your skin. Personally I like scrubs with granules that feel slightly rubbery. The granules here are kind of coarse (& is hella salty 😀 just in case some get into your mouth) and if not careful you can end up causing capillary tear offs.

To sum it up, the Face Scrub is an affordable buy (retails for Rs 250) that will suit majority of the skin types. With caution, the granules provide exfoliation and using the mud mask just after adds sufficient softness. Even though it leaves an oily film behind, using a mild face wash will work in its favour.

Dead Sea Mud Mask


What it claims to do :  It renews the skin cells, minimizes pores, cleans fat excess thoroughly and purifies the skin. It also calms redness, improves skin tone and texture and gives the skin mat appearance. It is based on natural mud, enriched with iron and minerals.

Retails : Rs 250-350

Verdict: Hmmm… So,first of all i didn’t really like the consistency of this. It wasn’t very thick..almost like a watery yogurt, making it harder to apply.
It also didn’t really feel like it was doing anything. I like a face mask where you can almost feel it working, this, again…just felt like i’d smeared a petit filous all over my face.
When washing it off, i didn’t notice any major differences to my skin… instead the muddy smell sticked to my face for quite a while.

However, my skin didn’t feel dry at all but felt just normal.
So, overall, i was pretty disappointed in this face mask, but then again, it might work better for someone with a different skin type to me (p.s I have combination skin).

I hope you enjoyed my review or found it somewhat helpful.

You can find their Facebook page here as well on their  Instagram page
& keep an eye out for promotions and sales as a lot of things will become reduced by quite a bit in November, and its worth checking up, to grab yourself a bargain!

Zainah ♥


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