Let’s talk: face masks ♥

Everybody loves face masks,right? I mean who doesn’t love this nice and tingling feeling on their face after a week of wearing makeup and this accumulation of oil and pollution |(Ewww) on your face which makes you look like an over fried dipain frire (my mauritian girls will understand). Well I love face masks, they never fail to make you feel pampered and relax.

However,yes there is ALWAYS a however… there is this a big issue that I’ve been facing for ages. Let me know that I’m not alone… I’ve tried so many face masks, I’ve tried them ALL and I was never impressed. I never noticed any difference. Worst case, you breakout and want to stay in the house forever and curse yourself for trying to be the ALL KNOWING! Don’t deny that you never felt like this.

For years of trying new masks, experimenting and putting my life (my face rather) at risks, I’ve come up with 3 face masks that I absolutely ADORE, they have been in my skin regimen for a while now and I’m more than happy to share them with you.Let’s jump right into it,shall we?

First one is the very famous Turmeric face mask. I’m sure everyone knows about it, on YouTube or from you mom and grandmothers,if not then it could be life changing or should I say face changing, haha (pun intented) . No, but seriously if you over use the turmeric you could ressemble the simpson. If this is the look you are going for then go for it!!!

This is what you could look like!

I stumbbled on this home-made recipe several years ago now when I first discovered YouTube, the beauty community more precisely. I used to spend hours and hours watching tutorials even though I didn’t own any makeup at that time. Then I found Farah Dhukai’s videos. If you don’t know who she is then GURL,you live under a rock? Her hair,her eyelashes but what made me subscribe to her channel and follow her tutorials was her skin tone.I could relate so much and I could re create her looks because I finally found someone who have the same skin tone as mine on YouTube!!! Halelouiah!!!!

Enough story time and rambling,if you are still reading then I LOVE YOU!!!

Throughout years, I changed the ingredients used in the original video (which is chickpea flour and the milk) here is the link to it : and I customised it because I tend to breakout with the flour thingy.


My Recipe:
2 tbsp yogurt
1 tsp of turmeric powder (or 10 if you are going for the Simpson look )
1 tsp of lemon juice (optional)

Mix it well and apply it on your face and neck. Let it dry for 10 mins and wash it with some lukewarm water and moisturise. TADA!!!

Your face will glow,feel so fresh and smooth. If you use it twice a week it will slowly help to fade acne scars and discoloration. Turmeric helps with inflamation and reduce scars.P.s it stains! Use an old shirt before applying the mask specially if you are like me : CLUMSY!


Next are the face masks or face sheets as I like to call it from The Face Shop. To be honest, these face masks does not do any miracles. They are not revolutionary or anything but it feels nice to have them on once in a while when you feel lazy to beat up some homemade recipes. It refreshes the skin,smells good and that’s it for me. For rs50, I think it’s not a bad deal.

The last one I’m sharing with you is by far by favourite. It’s a clay masks from the brand Freeman. I remember I used to but the small sample size ones when I was in college and didn’t have enough money to get the regular one. It was around Rs30 which was very affordable while the regular one retails for Rs200+.

I have oily/combination skin, which means that sometimes my chin/nose/forehead is oily and other areas are dry, and sometimes it’s pretty much all oily. So this type of clay mask is ideal. It claims to absorb excess oil, the clay will dive deep o purge dirt and oil from pores.The texture is perfect, a thick creamy green pastel paste which is so easy to apply to the face and easy still to remove. You can use this mask as a 5 minutes refresh, or a 15 minute treatment.I have used this both ways, and both have left my skin feeling refreshed, soft, hydrated but more importantly, looking healthy!I can’t express how much i love this mask. I’m most definitely buying this again.And it surely does what it says. After using this mask my skin doesn’t feel tight which usually happens with other masks. In fact, I don’t need to moisturize it at all. My skin feels soft and happy and not greasy.

A million thumbs up!!!

Pheww, I’m finally done rambling. Please please let me know on Instagram or comment down below, or hell, even email me your favorites masks. Btw, I changed the theme of my blog,do you like it? Let me know 🙂


If you made it through this thang, THANK YOU! I’m out! *drops mic*

Until next time, XO! ♥


7 thoughts on “Let’s talk: face masks ♥

  1. Hello 😊😊 I would like to know if the Freeman Mask (Avocado and Clay) doesn’t “overdry” the skin once you wash it off?
    I’m looking for a facemask that suits my skin and i feel like that one might be a good choice🌼


    1. Hi Elisa 🙂 I’ve been using this mask for a while now (more than a year now ) and my skin always looks moisturized after using it. I have oily/combination skin and I never have this overdry issue. I think if you use a moisturizer just after washing off the mask, you should be good to go. But hey,you could get a sample size of the mask to know if it works for you.

      I hope it helps!



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