Friendship and Food ❤


Yesterday, I went to Curpipe to meet my good/best friends Sumi, Fat, Ayesha and Anjum. Since we left high school which has been 3 years now we haven’t had a chance to meet up all together.In school, we would always hang out together. Each of us studied different subjects and we were in different classes, but as soon as the bell rang for recess, I would take my food and run to Sumi’s class (which was our meeting point) and make sure to spend this 15 mins break together. Every one of us took our own path after HSC but the bond we shared is still intact! Every time, we planned a meet-up, one of would be missing (Fat, you know I’m talking about you). This time I literally threatened her and made sure everyone knew I would be very mad if someone couldn’t make it. And THANK GOD! everyone made it! It was such a sweet day, full of memories and crazy laughter. As soon as we meet up, it was as if we were seeing each other after a day, as if we never ever separated. The ” Do you remember, we did that…. ??” and gossips about each others lives began while we made our way for some shopping. Just after, some stomach started growling. It was time to feed our bellies. We went to a cute little restaurant called Poz Kfe found near the Supermarket Sik Yen. Sumi and I have been there twice and we always had a good experience, and so we decided to have lunch there. We had the restaurant to ourselves and spent almost 2 hours chatting and gulp down our delicious Mauritian food. After that we strolled through the streets and we decided to go at one my favorite place to have some desserts, Anjum and Ayesha never went there and thus it was a perfect excuse for me and Sumi to have a little cheat dessert. It was so much fun, we tried different cakes ( Chocolate Oreo Cake, Peanut Butter Cheese Cake and my all time fav, Red Velvet Cake).We all had such a great afternoon satisfying our sweet tooth and catching up! I love days like these. 





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