A Perfect Saturday ❤

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My best friend and I were meeting up for over a month and we decided to pay a visit to one of our favorite cafes this Saturday. After a week of work and travelling for long hours everyday, the only place we needed to be was in a cosy place to catch up and have a good laugh. And Chelsea’s Cup-n-Cake was obviously the  ideal location.

We discovered this little paradise last November. We had breakfast there on my birthday and since then we have been going back a few times and we certainly weren’t disappointed.

I love all things unique and vintage, so for me, this cafe was so lovely to sit in. If these sorts of coffee houses aren’t your style, then I wouldn’t stop by there, however, I feel like it should be experienced regardless.

Cake/Food Rating – 4/5
Freshly made and delicious. I had Mud Cake and my bestie had Red Velvet Cake (which is my favourite)

Drinks – 4/5
We both had a Mocha. Every time I visit, I like trying new beverages and every single time I’m very satisfied. There is also a really great variation of hot teas, iced teas and coffees so there will be something for everyone

Atmosphere & Decor – 5/5
For me this was the best thing about Chelsea’s as it was SO DIFFERENT. It was brimming with things that you would find in an antique store. It’s a very artsy place… you might get away with it whilst having a quiet drink and a piece of the delicious cake if you fancied getting away from the internet. The atmosphere is very cosy, especially if it’s pouring in Curepipe, you will not find a better place to have some good time.

Price – 5/5
Good value for money.

Seats Available – 4/5

It may appear quite small from the outside, but Chelsea is actually spacious and has larger or smaller tables depending on the size of your cake-and-coffee-friends in tow.

If you are planning on visiting, you will find Chelsea’s Cup-n-Cake in Arcade Currimjee, Curepipe.I hope you enjoyed this little blog post. If you liked this style of post and want to see more cute places let me know where I should try next time, or even if there is a place in particular that you want to visit but you aren’t sure, or you’d just like to see what I’d make of it, then let me know.


Love, Zainah



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