Lovin’ Lately – MARCH & APRIL favorites

This year, I started a new series “Lovin’ Lately” which consisted of me sharing my monthly favorites. Somehow, it slipped my mind to do a March edition. When a sweet follower messaged me on Instagram yesterday and suggested that I should continue the series, I immediately started to gather my products.

If you guys enjoy this monthly favorite and think I should continue to do it, let me know in the comments below. For now, this is a selection of products that I have been lovin’ these past two months.


Peach Cleansing Foam – The Face Shop

I used the Aleo Vera cleansing foam before and I absolutely loved it. This time I picked up the peach one and love it as much. They suit every skin type and have different scents but according to me, every one of them works the same. I love how soft it leaves your skin after each use. You need a tiny dot of the product and you are good to go. Let’s keep foamin’

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Moroccan Argan Oil

This argan oil which I use as a serum on the ends of my hair after every shower became my favorite really fast. Not only does it smell amazingly good that your fiancé will keep smelling your hair but it makes the hair really smooth and glowy. I got my hands on this baby at Intermart but I’m pretty sure you will find it in any supermarket as well.

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Clinique hand and cuticle cream

All I can say about this hand cream is that since I received it in my March Surprise Box, I haven’t stopped using it. I’m not a huge fan of the smell but it’s such a fab moisturizer for the hands and for the cuticle. Plus, it’s the perfect size to keep in your purse.

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milk and honey – rupi kaur 

I think this is a book that everyone should read once in their life no matter if you like to read or not. This book is filled with life-changing poems. Since I bought this precious book, I love reading 4-5 pages every night. Some will make you cry and some will give you the motivation to go through any hard times you might go through.

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Lady Million body lotion- Paco Rabanne

This body lotion from Paco Rabanne smells divinely AMAZING! If you watched my unboxing of the April Surprise Box last week, you have probably already seen how in love I was by it. The lotion not only keeps your skin moisturized but the perfume stays on the whole day.

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L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara

I’ve heard so many goods about this mascara that I had to try it for myself. It is a bit on the pricey side but definitely worth it. I think it’s very comparable to the Maybelline sensational mascara which I absolutely adore. What I love most about the L’Oréal one is the definition I get because of the brush. No matter how many times you use it, the brush doesn’t get lumpy with tons of mascara on it.

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What’s your favorite mascara? 




NEW mark. by Avon Cosmetics

A few weeks ago, the brand Avon got in touch with me to test out some products from their new sub-brand called mark. I love to test new products and so I jumped on the occasion and said YES!

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I received a beautiful metal box which I am so going to recycle with the brand name on it. Inside contained 7 products :

  • 3 mark. lipstick
  • 2 mark. liquid lipstick
  • 1 mark. mascara
  • 1 mark. eyeliner

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I never owned a blue lipstick (shade: Blue Suede) before and tbh, I would never think about buying one just because it’s not a color that I could rock every single day. However, I think it will be fun to play with it for a makeup tutorial. Don’t you think so?

On the other side, I loved the dark brown/mauve lipstick (shade: Dare to Wear). I think it’s gorgeous color to wear during the winter season. Bad news for matte lovers and for me, this lipstick gives you a shiny finish. 😦

However, the shades (from what I have) are very pigmented and easily applied. I would love to see how the lighter/nude color wears on.

Would I wear it on a daily basis? No!

Personally, I prefer matte lipsticks because it stays right ON where you put it! This beautiful shiny lipstick makes it hard for me to keep in place and smudges really fast.

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However, while matte lipstick can dry your lips quickly if not taken care of, this mark.Epic lipstick will keep them moisturized for a really long day and retails for Rs299 each.

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The Avon mark. Liquid Lip Lacquer was given to me in 2 shades; Man Eater which has a matte finish and Caffeined which gives you a shiny/glossy finish. The dark shades are a little thin and therefore need extra work, and this, in turn, makes them heavier and more likely to end up on your teeth.

By now, I\m sure you’ve guessed that I do prefer a matte finish over the shine. The shine formula may be easier to work with and applies faster, but the finish of the matte shades is better. With that said, there is more consistency with the shine shades

They have quite a thick formula, not something to wear if you like lightweight lipstick. Each liquid lipstick retails for Rs299 which I think is very affordable.

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Okay, so this mascara called Spectralash was the most intriguing to me. A mascara which gives you 3 different volumes in 1 tube. WHAAAAT? Sounds crazy, right?

Well, I was pretty deceived when I tested it out. Even with the volume 3 on, I couldn’t get the results that I get with 1 coat of my Maybelline Sensational Lash Mascara. It retails at Rs399 and personally, I would use this money to grab myself two khol eyeliner. Read why below.

Related image

My favorite of all! The Eye-liner Khol. Since I got this baby, I have been using it almost every day to tightline my waterline. It is so creamy, so dark and gives you this beautiful look even before you apply your mascara. What makes me love it, even more, is that it is WATER RESISTANT!!!!! I think for Rs199, it is totally worth it. Good job mark.

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What are your thoughts on the new Avon mark. collection? Which product do you have your eye on?

Let me know in the comments below! Stay tuned for a tutorial on my YouTube channel where I will be using the mark. products.


3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Hey loves,

Happy Sunday and welcome back to the blog where I will show you how easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy it is to prepare a healthy breakfast to start the day properly.

Now, we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It increases your metabolism, enhances your mood and stimulates intelligence as well as your immune system. But it can be such a headache to prepare a balanced meal especially if you are like me – you snooze the alarm a hundred times until you realize you are doomed!


Smoothie bowls to the rescue!

I partnered up with NeoFoods this week to prepare 3 delicious & healthy breakfast, mostly known as SMOOTHIE BOWLS. You can find the seeds I used and the vegan quinoa drink in a lot of supermarkets nowadays as NeoFoods distribute their products in more than 70 places in Mauritius. Not only they are excellent toppings for your smoothie bowls but they are also healthy to snack in between meals.

2018-03-29 08.54.59 2.jpg

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You will see that there are tons of youtube videos if you type “smoothie bowls” on YouTube or on Pinterest but I wanted to create my own version based on the fruits we are easily accessible to on a daily basis in Mauritius. Let’s be honest here, it’s a real struggle to find blueberries, strawberries and raspberries here. And, if you find them they will be expensive as hell. So, instead of being fancy and become broke, I decided to use :

  • Apples

  • Bananas

  • Grapes

  • Mangoes

  • Passion Fruit

  • Kiwis

  • Peaches

  •  Dates

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As for topping I used:

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Goji Berries, Hazelnuts, Sunflower seeds and Chia Seeds from NeoFoods.

It is so easy to prepare these smoothie bowls – literally took a few seconds of blending and voila!

TIP: Take some time off your precious schedule during the weekend, cut your fruits and freeze them! Using frozen fruits will make your smoothie achieve this ice-cream consistency that everyone loves.

Smoothie #1


  • 1 1/2 chopped Apples
  • A few seedless grapes
  • 2 kiwis
  • 1 frozen banana
  • Some quinoa drink
  • Blend!!!!

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Random Fact: What are the benefits of chia seeds?

They are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, rich in antioxidants, and they provide fiber, iron, and calcium. Omega-3 fatty acids help raise HDL cholesterol, the “good” cholesterol that protects against heart attack and stroke.

Smoothie #2


  • 2 peaches (chopped & frozen)
  • 1 banana (frozen)
  • A few dates – as per your liking
  • Some quinoa drink
  • Blend!!!


Random Fact: What are the benefits of Sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds are actually really good for your health because of its nutritional value. These sweet and nutty sunflower seeds are perfect for snacks as they are so filling. Their mild nutty taste makes them a filling as well as nutritious food. These seeds are highly nutritious comprising of calories, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Smoothie #3


  • 1 small pineapple (chopped & frozen)
  • 1 small mango
  • 2 passion fruit
  • 1 banana ( chopped & frozen)
  • Blend!!!

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Random fact: What are the benefits of Goji Berries?

  • Provide High Levels of Antioxidants and Nutrients.

  • Improve Immune Function and Fight Cancer. 

  • Promote Healthy Skin.

  • Protect Eye Health.

  • Help Stabilize Blood Sugar. 

  • Detoxify the Liver.

  • Keep Your Energy and Mood Up. 

  • Boost Fertility.


That’s it for today loves! Make sure you watch the video on YouTube as well. I had so much fun to make these yummy smoothies and to decorate with the seeds from NeoFoods.

If you prepare a smoothie bowl, don’t forget to tag me in your posts or send me a DM on Instagram. I would love to hear from you.



Modnic in my closet

Hello loves,

Happy Sunday! I hope you had a great week and you are having an even much better weekend.

I am so excited to present to you with a look-book that I created in collaboration with the brand MODNIC. Have you ever heard about them?

Modnic is your indo-western fashion destination in Mauritius. The brand offers modern and ethnic womenswear with a global appeal. You can shop online through the website www.modnic.mu with free delivery! Alternatively, you can shop at the store found at St Jean Road, Quatre Bornes.

When they reached out to me a few weeks ago to do a collaboration with Diaries of an Islander Girl, I thought that it could be a good idea to style some of their pieces while adding a touch of my own to them. They kindly invited me in their shop so that I could check out what they had to offer and to pick out some of the pieces that I liked.

I had so much fun playing with the different clothes and to style them. What I wanted to show in this lookbook is how you can wear different type of clothes and still give them a personal touch that describes who you are.

Don’t be afraid to layer your clothes, don’t be afraid to style a traditional piece with your favorite ripped jeans/ a graphic tee because this is the beauty of FASHION. As soon as you figure out your body type and what type of clothes flatter you the most  – YOU ARE GOOD TO CREATE SOME BOMB STYLE!

I think that’s enough blabbering for a day! Scroll down to enjoy the pictures.

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This POLKA DOT PALAZZO PANTS is my FAVORITE of all. I fell in love with it the moment I laid my eyes on them. These pants are so flowy plus it’s made with moss crepe which feels super light on. This is now my ultimate go-to summer pants. You can style it for any occasions, going to the beach or even for an interview. I am so going to wear this pant all the time from now on.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetGrab yours here.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I just had to take this top because of the bell sleeves and also because I love wearing stripes. It was so much fun to shoot with this one. Again, this piece can be styled in so many different ways. I went for a casual look with my black ripped denim jeans, a pair of wedges and I am ready for a day with my girls.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetFind it here

Processed with VSCO with nc preset

The next piece I took was this beautiful yellow maxi skirt. I paired it with a black vest and my denim jacket. You can find it here.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Although this pant is meant to be ankle length, it was clearly not because of my height. I decided to wear this beautiful rust printed pants with a graphic T-shirt for a casual chill look.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

And that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this lookbook. Do not forget to let me know which piece is your favorite one in the comments below or on Instagram. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can find it below.




My Surprise Box – The FIRST Beauty Box in Mauritius ♡


Have you ever watch these YouTube video or read blog posts about these beauty boxes which contains all kind of sample size makeup and skin care products? I have and always wished that such company should open in our little island. Well, guess what? It finally happened! We have our own Beauty Box!!!


Don’t know what My Surprise Box is? I’ll tell you a little more about how it works! My Surprise Box is a monthly makeup/beauty/skincare/ accessories subscription box. Every month a cute box of makeup arrives at your door. You can choose the type of subscription you desire, starting as from 1 month to 12 months). The price also ranges from Rs.985 per month to more interesting offers for longer subscriptions.

Tempted yet to try the box? 


This month’s beauty box hit the theme “Independent Women“. I love how the box is inspired by two powerful days:  Mauritius recently celebrated it’s 50th Independence Day on the 12th March and we all celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March.


Beautifully and carefully tied with a ribbon, I couldn’t wait to open my box right away when the postman rang my door. It was the hardest thing ever to wait a whole day and night, to finally open it on camera. Watch the video here.

I haven’t tried any of the products yet, except for the perfume which I tried on camera. It smells DIVINE, my mom wants to steal it from me already. Be sure to check my March Favourites at the end of the month/beginning of April- and maybe one or two of the products will be featured in it.

2018-03-17 09.06.50 2

Until then, I will leave you with close-ups, names and shade of the products I received in My Surprise Box.

2018-03-17 09.06.50 1

From right to left:

  1. La Nouvelle Eau de Toilette Pure, de Archmics. 
  2. Mini Hand Cream from Clinique
  3. Lotion/Toner – L’Eau Extraordinaire Rose-Bio from Melvita
  4. Mini Liquid Lipstick from NYX, Lip Lingerie in the shade “Bedtime Flirt”

2018-03-17 09.06.49 12018-03-17 09.06.47 1     5.Nail Polish from Bourjois in the shade #13 Ready for Love

2018-03-17 09.06.48 1 6.Soap from Lux Resorts- Pain au The Vert, Citron Vert et Gingembre 

7. Soap from In’Fusion Vintage Soap in “Honey Moon”

2018-03-17 09.06.49 2

8. A hand-made bracelet in the shape of Mauritius Island by Off M.

** Bonus: I also got 2 vouchers from Lux Grand-Gaube and Melvita. **


Have you tried out My Surprise Box? Tell me your thoughts!




Lovin’ Lately

Hi loves! Hope you’re having a great extended weekend so far!  Today, I wanted to share with you guys some of my February favorites- let’s do this!!


Favorite #no1


First off, I have combination skin, an oily ‘T-zone’ with some dry skin surrounding those areas. To be honest, I was attracted to the packaging and when I saw aloe water-based moisturizer, I had to buy it. The product is clear and definitely liquid/watery. After applying a VERY small amount I like how fresh and light scent is, how it feels so smooth on my skin & it soaks into my skin right away. I tell ya, a little goes a LONG way! My skin feels super hydrated and I love how healthy looking my skin looks ALL DAY when I don’t wear any makeup. I can’t say that it felt like it really lasts 72 hours (as it says on the packaging), but it lasts a lot longer than other moisturizers I’ve tried and that I will re-purchase again.

Favorite #no2


Inecto is a British brand that offers cosmetics made with 90% of natural ingredients. They also happen to be vegan-friendly and not tested on animals. A great start!


Now, I can say that this one is my favorite! Among all the brand Inecto products that I’ve tried, I have a huge crush on this body lotion with argan oil. Do I really need to say it smells heavenly? But the real power of this product is that it’s rapidly absorbed without leaving any greasy or oily film, despite a moisturized skin! I used to hate putting on body lotion after my shower, but not anymore.


The body scrub is white in color and contains a lot of granules. It has a rich fragrance of coconut which I absolutely love! The body scrub has to be applied to the damp skin because when if applied on dry skin, it will get dry and left a patchy residue. The granules are coarse so I would avoid using it on the face. The scrub can also be used for dry feet or just before shaving your legs as it will help to get rid of the ingrown hairs.


Favorite #no3



Do you also sometimes feel too lazy to detangle your hair at night and sleep with wet hair? No? Just me? Okay.

The product is in liquid consistency and comes in a transparent spray bottle packaging. It was one of the biggest highlights as it does not make my hand messy (cheers for spray bottles). When the bottle is left unshaken the product is in two layers, the top one being opaque beige liquid and the bottom one a translucent golden colored liquid. The bottle needs to be shaken before use so that the contents mix well. The product had a mild fragrance which did not appeal in particular to me and it lingers on for some time.

When I brush my hair after using this product, it feels more smooth and manageable. I have been using it every time I wash my hair for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. You can use it on wet or dry hair- plus it acts as a conditioner for my hair which I won’t complain.


Favorite #no4


If you know me, you’ll know that I LOVE my highlighters and I abused on them. I love the glow you can build up, even when I don’t wear any makeup, I always put a little highlighter on when I go out. I wanted to own this one from Maybelline so bad but unfortunately, we don’t have it yet in Mauritius. WHY WHY WHY? So, when my cousin was going to England for a business trip, I didn’t lose any time to ask her to get me this beautiful baby.


This dense powder highlighter leaves you with a metallic finish wherever you apply it on your face (or body, you choose).  It works best with a light fluffy fan brush for a subtle shimmer or a denser stippling or blush brush for way more pigment power. Either way it blends fantastically and I feel as shiny and new as a metallic disco princess. The packaging is nothing extra, just plain drugstore packaging type but the product is AMAZINGLY BLINDING!!!


That’s it for this month’s favorites, beautiful people! I would love to know what’s your favorite and maybe try some new products. Feel free to comment below or DM me on Instagram.



Long Distance – My Story & How to survive

2015-12-23 12.59.27 1.jpg

I get asked a lot about how I’m able to maintain a long distance relationship. For those of you who don’t know, I have been in a long distance relationship with my now-fiancé, Jibran, for over 2 years now. I live in Mauritius and Jibran was living in Cape Town, South Africa since 2013 (Jibran is back for the moment). Our relationship consisted of lots of scheduling to make sure we have quality time despite being far away. Yes, it’s difficult, but it’s doable and the distance means nothing when you know it’s going to be short-lived.

We decided to give LDR a-go on the 18th November 2015 – the day we met for the first time. Neither of us ever had a long distance relationship before, but we were willing to put it to the test. So what did we do?! Said eff it and ignored all odds and hoped it wouldn’t be an issue down the road.

2016-01-08 10.54.52 1.jpg

Let me make this very clear. Long distance is not for everybody. It’s a lot of work and will absolutely test your relationship in ways it normally wouldn’t. We’ve come to appreciate the small things and not think twice about fighting over small things that don’t matter. In my heart, I knew I had found the one when all the miles in between didn’t mean a thing and realized distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

TBH, we enjoyed being in a Long Distance Relationship even if the most challenging aspect was the fact that we couldn’t see each other as much as we wanted to. We would meet twice a year during our holidays for approximately 4 weeks. On a positive side, being in a LDR, gave us the time to focus on our studies and on our projects. We cherished every moment of our vacations to catch up, to go on adventures and to get to know each other better.


I recently asked my followers on Instagram if they would like to read or had any questions about LDR and you guys sure had a ton of questions. So, Jibran and I sat down on Wednesday to read all your questions while sipping on a coffee to answer almost all of them. I’ve put together a few of my own tips on how to maintain a long distance relationship. Maybe some of you who are struggling with your own relationships, whether you are in a  long distance or not, you can pick up a few tips to help you! I am not a relationship doctor of any kind, but I have found these things worked great for my relationship.

2016-01-08 01.41.33 1.jpg

Communication. Communication is by far the most important aspect of any relationship, especially long distance. Jibran and I would constantly text throughout the day. As soon as I opened my eyes I would send him a simple text that says, “Good morning!”. A couple hours later (because of the time difference) he would reply back with a good morning text as well. He would have a very different schedule than mine, so I never blew up his phone in case I woke him up. We all need our sleep! It’s nice to start the day by letting your partner know you’re already thinking about them.


Throughout my day, it was tricky to text frequently because most of the time I used to be in lectures, working on assignments but every couple hours I tried to let Jibran know what I was doing and just to let him know that I’m thinking about him. At this point in our relationship, he knew that I was busy and never harassed me and hit me with the,“Where are you?” texts. He knew that I’ll get back to him when I can and vice versa. He was always at the hospital, with patients or in lectures but still, he always did his best to keep me posted on his day.

As the day came to an end and I would get home from uni, I would toss in a Whatsapp call or even Skype (bonus if both were free!) to recap the day. We used to study together on Skype till late and sometimes would even watch a movie together and workout together. These small actions only made our relationship more fun and stronger


The point I’m trying to make is that we would constantly talk/text even when we didn’t have much to say. It helped us to feel involved with each other’s day, almost as if we lived in the same city. Just because you may live in the same city/country as your partner doesn’t mean you should communicate less. I would treat my relationship with Jibran exactly the same even if we lived in the same city and it should never be taken for granted.

story ldr.jpg

Trust. A relationship is nothing if trust isn’t present. Actually, Long Distance Relationship requires even more trust than regular relationships according to me. Long distance can make some people go crazy. Who are they with? Why aren’t they texting me back? Why aren’t they picking up their phone? If you’re constantly asking these questions then you’ll easily drive the relationship into the ground because you’ll start to sound like a nagging person. The naggier you are, the less your partner will want to share with you. As a result, your partner may become distant and you might find yourself turning into an overreactive, crazy person…and that’s just not healthy.

To avoid all this chaos you have to trust your partner is doing exactly what they say they’re doing and vice versa. Trust and communication really do work for hand in hand and you can’t have one without the other. If you know that you have communication and trust issues then perhaps long distance isn’t for you, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some relationships are meant to last for a short amount of time and to teach you a life lesson. If you really do feel like this is the relationship for you then you will do everything you can to make sure it lasts. I promise!


Voice out your fears and feelings.I know, it can be awkward and uncomfortable for both of you to pour your heart out on the phone. But you cannot be afraid to express how you feel if something is bothering you if you feel you don’t get enough time to communicate with your other half. Because, if you bury all your feelings, at some point you will explode and it will be a huge mess to clean up.

Arguments. All relationships are hard and arguments are natural. Two individuals will have different opinions and choices. You have to respect your partner’s opinion, you have to be understanding and more importantly, you have to compromise. You will have to learn how to argue in a productive way so that at the end of the discussion you find a solution which will benefit both you instead of yelling at each other. (Ofc, I am in no way saying that you should stay quiet and support wrong descisions, that’s a whole different situation).


Remember, even if you don’t excel in some of these areas you can always grow to become a better long distance partner. Stay realistic, because these relationships will require extra attention and extra everything. It’s going to be challenging at times, but overcoming these challenges will make your relationship stronger every day.

How many of you are in long distance relationships?

We tried to answer as many questions as possible and to categorize them all in topics. I hope you enjoyed this blog post, let us know in the comments below.



Summer 18 Must Haves w/ Très Habillé

Hello loves,

How are you keeping up with this heat? I feel like I could live in my shower these days, no matter how many times you shower, you end up being a sweaty mess after a few minutes, right?

If you follow me on Instagram, you already had a little sneak peek at this blog post. Today I am bringing to you 3 staple pieces which you can style in different ways for any occasion.

All 3 pieces are from Très Habillé, an online shop owned by Pallavi Sungkoora where you can find trendy outfits from casual to chic. You will also find clutches and pieces of jewelry at affordable prices. One thing that I really liked is that you can choose to meet up with the owner at your preferred pick up point or choose registered postage facilities, either way, stay assured that you will receive your goods within 2-3 days. Good news for our next door sisters, Très Habillé also delivers in Rodrigues and Reunion Island. Check out their page, I am sure you won’t be able to resist… I couldn’t.

Enough blabbering… let’s start with the first look.

1. Sky, Floral & Knot

I chose this sky blue knot dress at Rs 950 because you can wear it for different occasions. Office wear? Pair it with your comfortable heels, minimal jewelry, a sleek bun (which has been my go-to hairstyle for summer), a red lipstick and GUUURL you are good to go for a long day at work SLAYING.

BeautyPlus_20180216114223_saveThe fabric of this dress is not only light but also so soft. I love the fact that it is long sleeved because I am not too comfortable showing off my arms and the open collar which doesn’t make me feel like I’m suffocating.

Don’t you love the knot detail on the dress? I love how simple but yet sophisticated it makes the dress look. Plus, the fabric is thick enough so that you don’t have to worry about your underwear showing (that’s always an issue for us, right?).



2.Layer with Lace 

The second piece I chose was a beautiful lace kimono at Rs 1200. I LOVE kimonos and have been obsessed with them for a while now and so far I have collected a number of them in my closet. As soon as I saw this lace one, I knew I would love to style it.BeautyPlus_20180216114545_save

Why I love kimonos? Because it is the easiest way to add effortless style to your outfit. With an easy open silhouette and flowy sleeves, this piece is the perfect lightweight layer to elevate your summer wardrobe.  If you are an avid Pinterest, Instagram or blog crazed follower then I am pretty sure you have seen this trend pop up in your feeds over and over again.


Whether you are spending your summer days lounging by the pool, doing some retail therapy at the mall or meeting friends for coffee, grab this trendy extra layer and your outfit has just been launched to the next level.



3. Black & Satin


The last piece is a beautiful satin kimono at Rs 995. I told ya’ I can’t get enough of them.  I love love the red buttons detailing on the sleeves. Here, I went for the basics, my ripped black jeans from Ralph Lauren and a basic vest. To spice it up, I added my sneakers and VOILA! You are ready to run your errands or meet up with your gals for coffee.


And that’s it for this week beautiful people. I hope you enjoyed, don’t forget to leave me a comment below or on my Instagram. Also, don’t forget to check out  Très Habillé, you can check their Instagram page – here and their Facebook page- here to grab your favorite summer essential.

A huge thanks to Très Habillé for collaborating on this blog post. And a huge thanks to Jibran for being my photographer of the day for this shoot.


***Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions are my own. All pictures belong to me. Any reproduction/republication is not allowed. In case of need, kindly contact me on zainah.peerally@gmail.com or on Instagram ***



Lovin’ Lately

Hello girls, 

Happy Sunday! I decided to bundle up together some of my favorite products from the past 4 weeks. For the time being, I’m not sure if this should become a monthly series or not. Do let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram. Love to know your thoughts/suggestions.

Unfortunately, no makeup products (except for one eyeliner) will be listed today. In summer, my skin goes crazy. As soon as I step out of the house, my face sweats so much (more than a regular person)! I don’t know why but somehow it is only my face that sweats that much. I rarely sweat under my arm or any places where normal people would sweat. Anyone like me here? This is why I have been staying away from makeup during the summer to avoid looking like : 

Image result for makeup melting gif

Instead, I have been focusing more on skincare – nighttime skin care to be more precise. I load up on moisturizer, lotion put on sheet masks, acne creams, and aloe vera gel to replenish and hydrate the skin. 

After a long day, all I feel like doing is: take a good shower, to smell good and sleep. This month I have been loving the Noix de Coco Shower Gel from Yves Rocher. The tropical scent stays on your body for hours and who wouldn’t love to smell like coconut?


I use to think that I will start having dark circles when I’m 25 and boy, I was SO wrong. It seems that one night they decided to pay a visit and never left. Instead them dark circles family settled down.  The Roll-on soin contour yeux, anti-cernes & anti-poches  which I got from Intermart, has been a blessing to my eyes every night for the past 4 weeks. TBH, my dark circles didn’t fade and I know that it won’t just magically disappear. 

roll on 2I love it because of the icy gel feeling. Every night I feel like my eyeballs are on fire when I use this product. Not only it refreshed my eyes but the roll-on thingy helps to massage my under eyes and the gel actually leaves your skin hydrated. 

roll on

If you guys know me for a long time, you will know that I love wearing eyeliner. It can be tricky if you are a beginner but I promise, keep practicing girl! I have a video on Youtube where I showed step by step on How to achieve perfect eyeliner. You will get the hang of it and will slay the cat eye.


I heard this product from my best friend, Ziah. She has been raving about the Bourgois Liner Pinceau so much that I had to try it when I was at her place. And I loved it!! Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners because of the brush but instead for a “feutre” one (like this). You can easily go overboard and as it’s ULTRA BLACK, you will need a good makeup remover so that you don’t end up looking like a panda trying to fix the mistake. 


As much as I love carrying my room with me when I go out, I hate carrying heavy bags. I am so lazy that sometimes I won’t even carry my wallet and phone with me. Thank you Jibran’s  pants’ pocket and mum’s bag. However, if I have to carry a clutch or sometimes you just need one to complete an outfit, I have been going for my new burgundy clutch which I got from Accesorize around December last year.  The simplicity in this clutch and the gold details are just how I like my accessories.

embroidered jeans

Finally, to end this Lovin’ Lately series, let’s talk about clothing. Do you also have these days when you don’t feel like dressing up but still want to look put together? Well, this is the perfect piece that I think you should include in your wardrobe. For real, this embroidered jean marries perfectly with a simple plain tee-shirt for this casual look or with a mustard color shirt (don’t have to be this particular ofc) and a pair of wedges. You are good to go for work, ladies! 

Jeans: Rose Hill Evershine Gallery
Wedges: Ipanema

And that’s it for this week! Let me know if you enjoyed this article in the comments below. Should I make it become a monthly series? Share your thoughts with me…C’mon!!!

What are you guys loving at the moment? Spot any favorites here?



An evening at Paul – Worth the hype?

Happy Sunday loves,

Today, I am coming back to you with a gourmet mouth-watering post. This year, I’ve decided to take my DSLR along with me more often and make it a must to capture the new places I visit. If you think I need to go somewhere and write about it, feel free to let me know in the comments down below or slide into my DM on my Instagram.

Last week, Jibran and I had the chance to drop by the new French bakery, Paul which just opened its doors at Bagatelle this January. Now, if you know me from Instagram, you will know that apart from my love of makeup, I also L.O.V.E food.

I consider myself very lucky that I have someone in my life who enjoys food as much as I do (or even more than me 🙈). We love discovering new places, enjoy testing new cafe in Mauritius and very often we discuss the possibility of opening up something of our own in the future.

So, it only made sense that we test out Paul and share our experience with you guys. We made our way around 2 30 PM, just in time as Paul closes their door at 15 00 PM to re-open again at 17 00 PM.

Upon our arrival, we waited for a few minutes to get hold of a waiter so that we could get ourselves a table. We won’t be too harsh on the service as we understand that they just opened, new staff, new people and it looked pretty obvious that they were struggling a little to manage the orders and the clients.

After going through the menu card, we finally made our choice(s). I ordered an Eclair au café which I spotted as soon as I entered the bakery and a special Paul Hot Chocolate.
Jibran ordered a Cappucino, a Croissant aux Amandes, and a Pain au Chocolat

… 15 minutes later, we were still waiting while chit chatting, taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful vintage decor when another waiter came to us to check on our orders… again. We confirmed our order for the second time and the waiting game continued. 

Finally, after a good 20/25 minutes, the goods started to make an appearance on the table. To our great surprise, after 2 times checking on our orders, they still got it wrong. Instead of the Croissant aux Amandes they gave us it an apple pie.  What happened was that they were out of the croissant but didn’t bother to check with us before replacing it with something else. We didn’t bother and weren’t mad as long as they got the other orders right.

After all this confusion and waiting, time to finally taste the pastries. And we absolutely loved them. The perfect consistency, the right texture, and heavenly taste.

To be honest, it was the best Eclair I had in a while (totally recommend it). The hot chocolate was exquisite, I’ve never tasted a hot chocolate that creamy and rich. It almost tasted like chocolat fondu. Chocolate lovers, you will be served! 

As for Jibran, he thought: ”The pastries were delicious, I haven’t eaten something that good in a while. However, it is slightly overpriced. I loved the ambiance -very cozy and the coffee was one of the best I had in Mauritius, yet!” 

We also really liked the fact that you have a variety of options on the menu, a lot of pastries to choose from and a decent amount of drinks for you to savor. Plus, you can enjoy an actual breakfast, lunch or dinner as you prefer. The menu card is not hard to read at all – which makes it easier to find your happiness if you are indecisive like me.

If we were asked to rate Paul, we would say:

Pastries – 4/5
Drinks – 4/5
Price- 4/5
Environment – 5/5
Service- 3.5/5

Will I go again? Absolutely, I cannot wait to go back soon. They definitely have to improve on a few things but.. there aren’t many spots like Paul on our little island where you can sit down to work while enjoying a drink or have a meal without the feeling that everyone is looking in your plate while passing by. This spot is a good one, small but still a cozy space where you can sip on a coffee with a pastry, of course – the perfect scenery to catch up with your girl squad or your chéri(e).





M.A.C Cosmetics in Mauritius 😍🔥

Hello my lovely readers,

I’m sure all makeup junkies’ heart skipped a beat when they heard that M.A.C Cosmetics will open their very first store in Mauritius. At least, mine did! We’ve waited for this day for so long and here it is!!! Our very first M.A.C store opened at Bagatelle Mall this week. 😍😱

No more parting with extra rupees for shipping costs or waiting for weeks and sometimes months to receive your orders, right?


I am so happy and proud to see so many talented Mauritian ladies with their bomb makeup looks taking over Instagram.💥💥💥

However, we have to admit that for a while, there was a HUGE lack of access to the right makeup products on the Island. If you had a relative living abroad, if you or your siblings traveled once in a while, you would be able to grab your essentials or splurge a little bit on branded makeup.


As someone who loves makeup and is always encouraging my followers to go for good products —quality over quantity —, I am so concerned whenever I see fake M.A.C products in the capital or in the mini shops where you can find every brand (fake ones, obviously, which can seriously harm your skin). 🙅🏻‍♀

Believe me, I am very aware that M.A.C cosmetics is a high-end brand, not accessible to everyone and for a lot of people (including me ) it is a LUXURY.💕 I’m not ashamed to say that during all of my 22 years, I’ve never owned any M.A.C products (even if I was dying to own something just for the sake of having a M.A.C makeup) until last year when I got a lipstick as a gift from my super awesome boyfriend. I started off with a lipstick and now my collection is slowly growing with 3 lipsticks and 1 liquid lipstick. Slowly but surely!🔥🔥


I am so happy to see that our little paradise island is welcoming more luxurious makeup. Forget about high end for a sec, let’s talk about the recent openings of Maybelline kiosks in our hypermarkets. Not only the products are affordable but gives you this flawless finish as well!🔥 You know I love my Maybelline foundation a little too much. 🙈 I have hope that in the near future we will get access to more makeup stores like N.Y.X, Urban Decay and who knows, maybe even a Sephora.😍

Coming back to M.A.C, I truly believe this is just the beginning of many stores to come. I would love to know if you visited the store already and if you did, what did you get from there? Let me know in the comments below. Soon, I am so going to get a foundation and a highlighter ✨ which I fell in love with during the launching.


Enough blabbering, I will leave you with the pictures of the night for now. Scroll till the end for a mini video I managed to shoot during the Private launch. Leave a comment to let me know you came from the blog after watching the video. ENJOY!!

makeup (1)





Watch the video: 

On that note, I would love to wish all my readers a 🌟MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!🌟

I hope you guys are having a blast and thank you for taking a few minutes to visit my blog. It means EVERYTHING to me. 💋



9 Steps to be A MORNING PERSON

I never thought I would say this because I always used to stay up till late at night and wake up when the day was half over.

I mean, c’mon what’s better than the warm, soft and comfy bed- it’s a place that’s pretty difficult to leave in the morning.

During my university days, I used to be a night owl, I used to be more productive only when everywhere was quiet and calm. However, the game changed ever since I started working. This new chapter of my life forced me to put the alarm at 5 00 AM and to my great surprise I got used to it.

Waking up early has also so many advantages. You can get so many things done, time to pray, to spend a little extra time with your family, to sip on your morning tea or coffee, spend some time with yourself, meditate and start your day on a good note.

Did you ever wished that the day had more hours or that you can’t seem to accomplish all your tasks in a day? Waking up early could help you and today I’m here to help you to become a morning person.

How to be a Morning Person (2)

1- It’s all about the prep’

For anyone who has a busy schedule, prepping the night before for the day ahead is key. For some of us, mornings are a bit (or a lot) hectic. By prepping the night before, you can eliminate some of that stress of getting ready for the day. In the evening, take 10 minutes to clean things up, think about what you can do to make your mornings easier- prep your lunch, plan out your outfit, make sure you have everything you need ready to be packed, etc


2- Start the night before

Okay, so first thing first, go to bed early. If you have been a night owl for your entire life, this will be really hard. When I was in uni, it was impossible for me to study, write or do any uni-related work during the day. It wasn’t until 10-11 pm that I was finally able to concentrate. I’d stay up until 2-3 am, and as you can imagine, I could barely function during the day because of how little sleep I got.

Start by going to bed a half an hour earlier for a week, then try doing an hour, an hour and a half, until it becomes a habit. I also always make sure to have water on my nightstand so that I can drink it the first thing in the morning (your body just went for hours without water so it’s necessary to rehydrate it, this also helps my body to wake up a little)


If you find it hard to fall asleep at first, you can also try having some infusion.  Create a routine that will help you unwind before bed.


3- Come up with a bed routine 

Give yourself at least an hour to wind down, before going to bed. This will help you relax and will let your body know that it’s time to go to sleep. Chances are, you are very busy during the day, you’re running around, working, going to school, taking care of your home, etc. Your body is in constant *go-go-go* mode, which is why it’s so important to try to slow down at night. It’s also hard to go sleep when your mind is racing, so make sure that you’re not going to bed stressed– do some breathing exercises, try meditating, pick up journaling, read a few pages of your book, listen to some relaxing music.



4- Find a reason worth waking up every morning

I just told you about how I could only concentrate at night during my college days because it was just so quiet and calm. I’ve also discovered that early mornings are just as peaceful. And dark, and quiet. Getting up early means that you will have more time, just for yourself. You can get in a little workout (but I’m too lazy), read a book with your tea/coffee, make big breakfast for yourself- all before everyone else gets up and starts making noise. Getting an early start to your day also means that you won’t be in a rush which can be stressful and no one wants to start their day feeling stressed.


5-Minutes of gratitude


When you think about morning rituals for busy people, sitting down and making a list of things you feel grateful for doesn’t seem like something that would somehow benefit someone with a busy schedule. But it does. Think about what people usually say in the morning, the minute they get out of bed “ugh another Monday“, “ugh it’s almost weekend, finally“, “I don’t feel like going to work“, “I hate getting up early” and the list could go on and on. We complain SO much. Your mornings set the tone for the rest of your day, so if you’re whining and complaining the minute you wake up, everything will irritate you. Think about how different things would be if you took just 5 minutes to think about something you feel grateful for, every morning. Try using affirmations, listen to or read something motivating or inspiring.

6- How to become a morning person: Start Slow

If you usually get up at around 7 am, don’t think that you can form a habit of getting up at 6 am in just a few days. Start by getting up 15 minutes earlier, and as it becomes easier and easier, you can then change it to half an hour and so on.

7- Do something that you enjoy, first thing in the morning 

Right after brushing your teeth, that is! It’s hard to motivate yourself to get out of bed early if you know you have to do something you dread. Make sure that one of the first things you do as soon as you wake up is something enjoyable, something you will look forward to every morning, something small, just for yourself. Personally, I love to open up the windows and smell the fresh air, to listen the chirping of the birds when there’s completely no noises of the cars or people talking out loud.


8- Get up at the same time, every morning 

It’s the only way to form a habit- stay consistent and hold yourself accountable. I don’t get up at 5.00 am during the weekends though, but I do only sleep in until about 8 or 9 am. If you keep at it, eventually your internal clock will reset and you will notice that you won’t even need an alarm anymore. This does take time though.


9- Get going, as soon as you open your eyes

Who doesn’t love their bed? Especially in morning, when it’s all nice, warm and toasty. This is why a lot of us fail so miserably when it comes to getting up early; as soon as our alarm goes off, we mute it and go back to sleep. So, it’s important to get going as soon as possible. I find that once I make it to the bathroom and brush my teeth, going back to sleep is out of the question.


Change your mornings, change your life. Even when you’re extremely busy or live a very active life, your mornings don’t have to feel rushed and messy. Remember that you are the one who sets the tone for your morning and day to come.



The Best Lemon Loaf you’ll ever taste 🍋

Full of lemon flavor, moist, dense, and rich. That’s what this cake is all about. 🍋

I’ve tried countless internet recipes for lemon cake and some were ‘O.K’ but not perfect while others were total fails. 


This recipe is an easy, no-mixer, one-bowl, whisk-together batter. It’s soft, springy, and moist without being heavy or dry, problems which often plague poundcake. Plus, you probably have all the ingredients on hand to make it and you can pronounce every ingredient used.

The cake itself is perfectly lemony, and the lemon glaze boosts the lemon flavor even more. Lemon lovers will be in their glory.


Let’s get started! 🍋🍋🍋

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: about 30 minutes


3 large eggs
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup yogurt (Nature)
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 tablespoons lemon zest
1 to 2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder

Lemon Glaze
1 cup icing sugar
3 tablespoons lemon juice, or as your liking/needed for the consistency of your choice



  1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Grease or flour your pan; set aside.
  2. Loaf – In a large bowl, add the eggs, sugar, yogurt, and mix until smooth and combined.
  3. Pour in the oil slowly while whisking to combine.
  4. Add the lemon zest, lemon juice, and MIX.
  5. Add the flour, baking powder, and stir until just combined and make sure you don’t over mix.
  6. That’s it! Pour your batter in your pan and don’t forget to eat the rest of the batter with your fingers (that’s the best part). Bake for about 30 minutes, or until the top is brownish. Use a toothpick/ a fork to check the centre of the cake. If it comes out clean, you are all good!!!
  7. Allow your delicious cake to cool in the pan itself for at least 10 minutes before glazing.
  8. Lemon Glaze 🍋– In a small bowl, add the icing sugar and slowly pour your lemon juice while mixing it smooth and combined.
  9. Once you are done, pour your glaze over bread before serving.
    TADAAA!!! And you are done 🙂
  10. Grab yourself a hot cup of tea/coffee/infusion, sit down and devour this zesty cake 🍋 and enjoy life.Bon Appetit.png



Discover l’Appret-midi through my lens.

Hello my lovely people,

I hope everyone is doing great, had an awesome weekend and ready to tackle this week ahead! Today I want to make you discover one of the cutest local shops I’ve ever been to. I’m sure you’ve already heard about it or already been there. But, if you haven’t, I hope after reading this post you will want to drop by sometime soon. For the time being, I invite you to have a look of L’Appret Midi through my camera lenses.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Situated in the capital of Mauritius, more precisely at Caudan Waterfront, L’Appret Midi invites you to have a look at a variety of new trendy and unique pieces of clothing as well as gorgeous shoes.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I was welcomed by the beautiful Sandiana, who is the owner of the shop. She offered to turn on the AC as I was sweating so much from the weather of Port-Louis.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

After chatting for a little while about Girl Love and our lives, I couldn’t wait anymore to start exploring every corner of the shop.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

The tiny details, the decor, as soon as you enter the cozy shop is all you will notice as well as the pastel-colored walls contrasted with the splash of colors from the clothes. Are you ready for your summer shopping…let’s get right into it! I will leave you with the rest of the pictures that I captured… enjoy!

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Embroidery, stripes, polka dots, floral, tropical patterns, kimonos, dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, jump-suits… options that youwon’t be able to choose from and hold on to your credit card because you might end up broke after your shopping.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

P.s I fell in love with these shoesProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

L’Appret-midi just started to sell pieces of jewelry not so long ago to help you find your complete outfit, from top to bottom, work or casual look, boho or minimal style, all in one store. Awesome, right?

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

Personal observation: She is not only the most friendly person EVAA but, Sandiana also makes sure to help her clients by giving them bits of advice so that they make a good purchase and leave the store as happy clients.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

2017-10-01 11.22.11 1.jpg

2017-10-01 11.22.09 1.jpg

2017-10-01 11.26.41 4.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I did. Do let me know if you want to see more like this, DM me on my Instagram or on my Facebook Page.


© This is NOT sponsored. All photography and views expressed in this blog are my own.



The Beauty Blogger Tag


Hey my loves,

Today I bring to you something different. A TAG! I love tags as it’s a way to know more about the person. I took questions from different beauty tag to create something of my own and I hope you guys get to know me a little more.

Let’s jump right into it as this tag is a little long… 🌸


How important is skin care to you?

Skincare is CRUCIAL for me. I used to underestimate the power of having a proper skin care routine and THANK GOD, I am out of denial now. I have my own little routine for the day & night. Read more here

Do you prefer lipsticks or liquid lipsticks?

As much as I love liquid lipsticks, I will have to choose lipsticks because I can re-apply during the day without making it look cakey and your girl right here is ALWAYS eating. I hate when only the middle part of the liquid lipstick is gone and you can’t apply again because it will look a complete mess.

Matte or Glossy lip?


Lipgloss or lipstick?

Lipstick, lip gloss and I are not good friends. I always end up looking like this because of crazy winds…

Related image

Is there a beauty blogger you really wanna meet? 🙋

There are so many people I would LOVE to meet but if I had to choose one I would pick It’sJudysLife/It’sJudyTime. I have been watching her YouTube videos/vlogs for 6 years now. Not only she is a great inspiration for me but also a role model teaching one how to stay humble, down to earth and grateful even when you have everything.

What’s a makeup tip/trick you’ve learned that you now can’t live without?

BAKING! This technique changed my MAKEUP GAME. The oily chanapuri mess I used to be after an hour doing my makeup is now almost oil-free during the whole day. What’s your holy grail makeup trick? Share it with me in the comments down below.

Related image


Favorite skin care product?

Tea Tree Serum/Solution.
Do you want to know the benefits and why I love this product on my skin? Click here

Tea Tree Serum


Aloe Vera Gel


& Rose Water 🌹

Your first makeup product you ever purchased?

I’m not sure but I think it was an eyeliner/ “Kajal” when I was 15. 

How much beauty sleep do you get on a regular basis?

I was on holidays for the past 3 months, therefore I used to get approximately 10 hours of sleep. Since I started working, I get 6-7 hours of sleep and no nap time.

How often do you wear nail polish? 💅 

Once a month for 5-6 days. As in my religion, you can’t pray with nail polish on, I take advantage when it’s the time of the month to get my nails done for a week. Otherwise, if I have time (which rarely happens) when I have to go to a wedding, I’ll wear some for a few hours.

Describe your go-to makeup look



Eyebrows filled in

Mascara (Loads of)

Bold dark lips

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-24 at 20.31.15(2)

Matte or dewy skin?

MATTE all the way

How much money do you spend on beauty in a month?

It depends. I don’t have a budget to spend on beauty and I don’t spend on beauty products every month. 

How do you remove your makeup?

Garnier Micellar Water + Baby Wipes

Describe your hair type/style

Fine/ Thin hair. My style would be straight hair with a middle part after a fresh shampoo and for the next days, a low bun.

Do you wear fake lashes?

Yes, only on special occasions because I take an hour (slight exaggeration) to put them on.

Image result for false lashes struggle gifs

What product or brand do you think is hyped?

KKW Beauty ??


What is the one beauty product you could not go without?

✨ H  I  G  H  L  I G  H  T  E  R ✨

e.l.f. Studio Baked Highlighter - For the price you can't really beat it :)get to know.png

Who is your style inspiration?

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-24 at 20.31.15(5)

I don’t look upon anyone specific. I love to roam around, surf my Pinterest and get inspired to create my own style.






Who is your favorite beauty blogger or YouTuber

It’sJudysLife/ Irene Sarah ❤️  

If you could only choose to do one before leaving the house, would you do your hair or your makeup?

HAIR, I would straighten my frizzy hair and a gorgeous pair of sunglasses

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-24 at 20.31.15(1)

What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?

Take your time! Be yourself, don’t feel the need to post every day. Take as much time you need to write/ create something unique that YOU WILL LOVE. It’s all about you. If you are happy with your work, your reader will see it.

What’s your hair type?

It’s naturally wavy

What is your natural hair color?

Dark brown, I think…

Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?

I used to dye it myself, which was not a good idea. I prefer going to a professional salon. However, for the time being, I’m staying away from any kind of dyes. 

How often do you wash your hair?

About twice a week. On the other days, I use (Holy Grail) dry shampoo.

Image result for dry shampoo gifs

Do you wear the same style every day or change it?

It changes depending on my mood. I may feel nautical one day, super girly another day, maybe a little chic, or another day I may channel my inner Audrey Hepburn.

How long does it take to put on your makeup?

About an hour for a daily look and 2 hours for a wedding look. It really depends on how awake I am in the morning or how distracted I am with the music playing on my laptop or the YouTube videos I’m watching. 

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-24 at 20.31.15

What do you do first? Face or eyes?

Face. I’ve tried doing the eyes first, but I like doing my face makeup first instead. 

Do you “collect” makeup or just buy what you need when you need it?

I am a bit of a collector but I research usually before I buy something so I don’t have a crazy collection.

Do you do a full face of makeup every day?

No. Sometimes it’s just the basic things like concealer, powder, blush, and mascara, but if I’m going or have to be at an event, then I definitely wear a full face. 

Do you wear makeup when you are home alone (or with family)?

Sometimes (just to practice) but typically not.

Will you leave the house without makeup?

YES!!!! Natural is B E A U T I F U L

How many high-end products do you have?

Do I really need to count? My collection mainly consists of drugstore but I do have higher-end things like HUDA BEAUTY, MAC, etc. I plan to get more high-end products now that I will start earning my own money. COME TO MAMA!!!

How often do you wash your makeup brushes?

Not as often as I should…

Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you are getting dressed?

I decide on an outfit the night before if it’s something special, but typically I just wait till morning as sometimes I get a revelation during my sleep. 

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-24 at 20.31.15(4)

Left-handed or Right-handed?


How tall are you?

1m59. I know, I look taller in pictures, it’s all about the style and the angle you take the pictures.

Do you speak a foreign language?

Yes, English, French, Urdu/Hindi 

How often are you on WordPress/Blogger?

I check it every day but don’t spend as much time on it as I used to.

Do you read the comments posted blogs?

Yeah, I do. I read and respond to all. I love engaging with my readers. (Drop a comment- If you feel like * no pressure* )

How did you come up with your blog name?

It just kind of came to me. I knew I wanted it to be “Islander” something because it represents my beautiful Mauritius Island. 

Happy Independence Day!

What kind of camera do you use for photographs? 📸

Nikon D3300 

What is your favorite color?


Do you swear?


What are you doing with the rest of your day?

As I’m ending this blog post it’s almost 10 PM. Plan is :

                               – Skyping & Catching up with the boyfie. 

– Plan my outfit for tomorrow

– Get some sleep 😴


Finally, it ended! I hope you guys enjoyed if you have any questions or want me to do any other tags, feel free to drop a comment down below. I tag my Mauritian beauty bloggers to do this tag and every blogger reading this as well.





Hello my loves,

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know how much I love face masks. I have a bunch of them in my skin care cabinet and I try to put a mask at least 2 times a week. Today, it’s about  CLAY MASK. Let’s jump into the benefits of clay really quick.

Not only it helps to detoxify and purify your skin but is also a great oil absorber. It has lightening and brightening properties, tightens the pores, boosts circulation and reduces inflammation, making it a good choice for evening skin tone and diminishing redness. Clay masks are ideal for oily and combo skin as well as those who have prone to acne skin type.

All these benefits, isn’t it amazing? What’s your favorite mask? Let me know in the comments down below.

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Coming back to the l’Oreal Clay mask, it took a while to get my hands on this baby since it came out. Finally, I got it from Monoprix for Rs 300-ish ( I’m not sure of the exact price). And since then, I’ve been getting so many questions and requests to do a review. I’m sorry that it took me a while to settle down on my final thoughts but here it is.

What I liked/Loved  …

If ever you get it, you don’t waste much product. This is so because it has this perfect thick consistency and is not runny at all. You can take your time to apply it on your face with your finger or a brush ( but not too slow because it dries up extremely fast).

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I love the color of the jar, it is a really nice mint green. As for the scent, it has a pretty strong one, a manly scent which I don’t mind at all (I used to steal my dad’s perfume and now I steal my boyfriend’s perfume). Last but not the least, there is something about the packaging which feels and looks like a high-end product.

Sleep, drink water and treat your skin

The mask says that it cleanses and clarifies your skin, absorbs impurities and excess sebum, eliminates imperfections and clarifies the complexion. I thought I could benefit from it as your girl right here has combination to really oily skin. All I will say is that this mask lives up to its standard, my skin feels really fresh just after use and I don’t feel the need to run to my moisturizer after because it leaves your skin smooth and not dry at all.


I like the feeling that it gives your skin as you apply it. At first, I thought it was not working for me and I was quite disappointed but as you use 2 times a week for a month I noticed that my pores on my nose were diminishing.

What I don’t like …

It dries really fast, too fast, my face gets so tight and if you manage to move it will just crack. Usually, I like to put my mask, relax or do some chores then come back to remove it but with this one, you won’t have time to do much.

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The jar itself is quite small, for 50 ml it says you can use it 10 times but I think this will only depend on the person itself. Price wise, for Rs 300, I think you can get a better mask like the Freeman clay mask. While the packaging is very cute, the jar inside might make you really disappointed, at least I was.

More good than bad, it’s definitely a mask that you will enjoy using but personally, I’m not going to buy another one after I’m done with mine. I love exploring around and I will keep doing so.

Don’t forget to watch the demo on my Youtube channel where I show you how it works and you can have a peek of a before and after using the mask 🙂


If you guys enjoyed this review, don’t forget to let me know in the comment sections below or on Instagram. Let me know what I should try next 🙂




My nighttime beauty ritual 🦄

Hello my lovely readers,

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog and I thought the best way to make a comeback would be to share my skin care routine with you guys. I’m flattered to get so many requests about this topic and I’m happy to share with you today some of the products that have been helping my skin to get clearer.

At night, your skin is in repair mode and recovering from the day. Also, your skin temperature is naturally higher at night, which means that your skin is more receptive to active ingredients. With that said, it’s incredibly important to have a diligent nighttime routine to maximize your products and reap the benefits during your sleep!

Throughout the past year, I have developed a specific routine when it comes to skin care. A routine that I make sure to follow every night and which feels like a mini pampering session. The products change once in a while but for time being, I’ve been loving each and every product in my current skin care basket. I think I will stick around for a while before using anything new.

I had some really bad acnes last year which left many scars on my face. At some point, I tried to cover it every single day with loads of makeup but this only worsened the condition. It took me some time to realize how important skin care is and now I’m obsessed with taking care of my skin. You won’t see any major changes at first but I promise, it’s worth investing in skin care than covering the problem areas with makeup.

Enough blabbering, let’s get straight into the steps! 💖 💖 💖

Step 1: Remove any makeup & wash the face

I don’t know if anyone else is just like me but removing your makeup at the end of the day is SUCH a satisfying feeling. It’s also very very very important to remove it off, let your skin breathe and prep it for the skin care.

Depending on how much makeup I am wearing, I use different methods to remove it. Sometimes I go for an oil base remover as products like waterproof mascara and skin tints with SPF are harder to rinse off with a gentle cleanser. Also, oils are a great way to massage your face. Other times, I go for a gel cleanser when I’m wearing minimal makeup because it just glides off my face in a sec.

Next, I gently rub my cleanser in a circular motion on top of my skin. Washing your face with a cleanser after using an oil will ensure you’ve gotten rid of all the buildup from your day. I’ve been loving my soap-free cleanser from Avene. No breakout, it’s not harsh on the skin and helps with my oily mess of a face.

Step 2: Toner

Your next step should be a toner, especially if you have oily skin. toner is necessary because it takes the pH of the skin back to normal. Most toners are composed of active ingredients that are great for the skin to absorb in the evening. Toners add an extra barrier of moisture to your skin—they’re incredibly hydrating and calming.


I love using Rose Water 🌹as a toner but lately, I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water as a toner. It smells horrible but does wonders for the skin.

Step 3: Serum

Serum is one of my favorite steps. As with toner, there are many active ingredients in them and so many kinds on the market; you just have to find one that fits your skin type. I’ve been using this Pre-Serum Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection solution from The Body Shop for the past 2 months now and I LOVE IT! ✨✨✨

Tea Tree Serum

The solution has been helping my skin to combat the acne scars and blemishes on my face. My skin looks and is now clearer, smoother and it helped with reducing redness. My favorite part? The cold tingling sensation you immediately feel after applying it. I’m definitely going to get it again and again! 💖

tree serum

Step 4: Moisturizer


Do I need to go into the importance of moisturizing? Finding a moisturizer that will really penetrate and add moisture to the skin is crucial. I found my miracle moisturizer last year and since then, I got two more of these babies. I’m not ready to try anything new for the time being because this one from Nanowhite (I get it from Intermart) which has been doing so good on my skin. With this product, I always wake up to the plumpest and glowing skin. The more you keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, the younger and more vibrant you look.

night cream

Step 5: Lip care

I apply Macademia lip balm from Yves Rocher . It has a creamy, balm-like texture and matte finish, and seems to moisturize throughout the night better than other lip balms I’ve tried.

Optional Add-Ons for Your Nighttime Skincare Routine

  1. Spot Treat – If one of your concerns is acne and breakouts, a step to be added into your nighttime routine may be to spot treat. I would recommend applying your acne spot treatment following Step 4 (Moisturize). From time to time I do break out (time of the month, dirty makeup brushes, too many cheat meals) and when this happens, I run to get my Sudocrem. I apply it on the pimple for two days and poof, it’s gone.
  2. Mask – Adding a mask to your weekly skin care regimen can be extremely beneficial because they deliver ingredients beyond the superficial layers of the epidermis. I recommend adding a mask to your routine 1 to 3 times per week following Step 3 (Tone). If you use sheet masks (which I do once in a while), you can also replace Step 4 (Moisturize) with your mask and sleep with it on.
  3. Exfoliate – To remove dead skin cell build-up and stimulate cell renewal, and an exfoliant into your skincare regimen 1 to 2 times per week. You can exfoliate in the evening after Step 2 (Cleanse).And that’s it for my daily bedtime beauty routine. Although these steps may seem excessive, after repeating it for a few weeks, you’ll see a major difference in your skin’s texture and overall look. Once you consistently perform your nightly skin care routine, you’ll find it difficult to go to sleep without doing it.Want to see me demonstrate all these steps live? Hit me up on Instagram, DM me and we could chit chat while getting the skin ready for the night.Endslate.png





Irresistible Tiramisu Recipe (NO EGG) 🍮

Hey loves,

Yesterday I tried for the very first time to make Tiramisu. Out of nowhere, since a few weeks, I’ve been wanting to make some. I’ve been looking for an easy recipe that doesn’t require too many ingredients and thanks to my cousin, I found the perfect one where you don’t need mascarpone cheese as it is not easily accessible in Mauritius (and is quite expensive). I tried and it was just MOUTH ORGASMIC. 😍😱 😵

I will be doing a large batch for Eid in a few days and I thought I would share the recipe with you guys because it’s very easy to make and tastes delicious! ☺️

2017-06-22 07.15.45 1.jpg

You will need: 🌸

▽ Philadelphia Regular Cream Cheese (300 g)

▽ Whipping Cream ( I use the brand “President”)

▽ Icing sugar

▽ Vanilla Essence

▽ Boudoir Biscuits

▽ Strong dark coffee

▽ Cocoa Powder

▽ Warm Water

That’s really it!

How to proceed : 

Prepare Filling 🌸

In a bowl, mix the Philadelphia cream cheese with a spatula. You can place your bowl under some hot water to make the cream cheese soften more quickly. The mixing part will also become easier.( I wanted to have the taste of extra cheese, so I added a few cubes of Kiri cheese).

Once these two are just combined, add your whipping cream until it holds still. If you are using an electric batter, make sure not to over mix because otherwise, your cream will turn into butter (which we don’t want).

Add icing sugar and the vanilla essence. Use as much as you like depending if you want the cream to be sweet or more cheesy (in moderation ofc).


Combine your coffee, 1 tablespoon cacao powder, and vanilla extract, in a wide bowl.

Let’s assemble, shall we?

Dip half of the boudoir VERY QUICKLY into the coffee, and line the bottom with it. You might find that you need to break a few into pieces to fit them in the dish or in individual glasses.

((P.s if your coffee is too hot, your boudoir will melt. Let it cool completely before starting this step.))

Spoon half of the filling over the boudoir and spread into an even layer. Then, dip the remaining biscuits very quickly into the coffee and arrange a second layer over the filling.

Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 6 hours.It is preferable to prepare it the night before.

Before serving, dust your tiramisu with cocoa powder/ milo/ coffee powder or any toppings of your choice. Leave out at room temperature about 10 minutes before serving.

Tadaaa!! ENJOY this delicious creamy dessert. You will never get enough. 💖


If you tried it, don’t forget to post a picture and tag me on Instagram!

Sending you loads of love my darlings, see you soon! 💖





COLOURPOP Lipstick\\ Swatches & Review ❤

Liquid lipsticks have been IN for quite some time now. While they look amazing, those matte liquid lipsticks can be so drying on your lips and you girls know that the struggle is real when it comes to that time of the day to take it off. Or, during lunch or dinner time when the middle part is wiped away because of the oily food that we all love. To re-apply is just another issue because it will end up looking like you have 10 layers of lips.

Enough complaining because I do love liquid lipsticks and it’s been a while since I’ve wanted to try the ColourPop ones but due to my laziness to go to the bank (which is like 2 mins away from my house) to deposit some money on my shopping card *priorities first*, I never had a chance to get me some. Finally, two weeks ago I managed to order the lot of 3 for $12 (excluding shipping) and to my great surprise, it came to me faster than expected.


Colourpop is a huge bang on social media with all their gorgeous products, their liquid lipstick line is one of the most popular. Lately, it seems that every brand is coming up with their own version of liquid lipsticks and I am a fan of them because it’s long wearing and it’s matte (discarding the cons I talked about above)  Everyone loves matte, right? Who doesn’t?


The box, the colors make you feel so happy. Packaging is pretty much simple and very straight forward to use; it came in a plastic tube with a silver cap and a doe foot applicator.


I got three shades and I’m pretty sure that I will be getting more soon. They are really pigmented. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the chance to test if it stays on when you eat and drink because I am currently fasting. Unless I wear it at 4 30 AM when I eat or at 5 45 PM when I break my fast (my family will think I’m crazy), I won’t be able to tell you how long it last. If you would like an update in the future, let me know 😉


The formula is thin that makes it lightweight on the lips, but don’t be fooled — this product has an intense pigmentation like I said before. At first swipe, it has a watery consistency that glides on smoothly and after a couple of seconds it dries down into an ultra-matte finish. Ultra matte in the sense that there is no moisture in this product, it feels powdery when it dries but it is weightless on the lips. It doesn’t feel sticky at all which is a plus point. It has a weird feeling at first but you’ll get used to it.

The mini prim one is from there Ultra Satin collection. It transfers very quickly and got on my teeth within a few minutes. I wouldn’t recommend you to wear it when you are going for an interview or a wedding ( You don’t want to have colored teeth in front of so many people) but it still looks really nice. As the name suggests, it has a satin finish which I thought I wouldn’t like because I wear only matte lipstick but it was a good surprise. I love wearing dark lipstick so I’ll definitely use this mini gift.

Thanks, ColourPop!


However, I don’t recommend you guys to buy their mini collection. It contains only 0.02 oz compared to the regular lipstick which contains 0.11 oz of product which is a decent amount in my opinion. You might be disappointed if you are going to spend $$ on shipping and wait for weeks to get your order as the mini ones are of a sample size.

Mini Prim

I did a swatch video on my Youtube channel and Gurl, it stained my lips especially if you’re using the dark deep or bright shades from the range. It’s pretty hard to remove – I used waterproof makeup remover and olive oil to remove it. Still, my lips were left with a light stain and I had to load up some pretty good amount of vaseline on my lips afterward to get back the moisture.

Lil tip: You need to prep your lips before using it. Run your toothbrush on your lips as a scrub, apply some moisturizer and let it soak into your lips because once you apply this lipstick it will not hydrate your lips at all.

Here are a few pictures of how they look on me –


Are they worth it?

In general, I like them a lot and I do think they are worth it. Shipping can be quite expensive for us Mauritians but very often ColourPop offers Worldwide Free Shipping and that’s when you should take advantage to get yours. This is the first time I bought lipstick online and I love all the shades. I went through some sad encounters in the past and I thought I would never buy lipstick without a swatch on my hands but the ColourPop lipstick made me change my mind. 

Have you tried ColourPop lipstick? Which one is your favourite?




A touch of boho

2017-07-24 05.04.25 2
2017-07-24 05.04.25 1

2017-07-24 05.04.24 1

Denim Shirt – Fashion Bazaar // Jeans – Woolworths// Boots – Woolworths // Bag – Local Shop at Port-Louis 

My favorite piece in this outfit is the bag. I was walking around Keenoo Square a few weeks ago when I found this boho style bag and fell in love with it immediately. Since I bought it, I’m wearing it almost every time I’m going out. It doesn’t fit a lot of things which is a huge problem for me since I carry my room in my bag (literally)! It’s a fun statement piece that  brings this extra touch to your outfit especially, on a gloomy and rainy day.



I hope you enjoyed this quick post. If you want to see more like this let me know in the comments or on Instagram.

Take care my loves! Until next time.



Spa Facial At Home// Inexpensive & Easy|| ZAINAH 🌸

Hi loves,

Do you have a special event coming up? Do you want to look your best but you are too lazy to go out of the house to get your skin taken care of? Or maybe, you just want to pamper yourself without any major expenses? Then, you are on the right page. Continue reading…

Eid 🌙 (the day where Muslims will celebrate the end of one month of fasting) is coming up in a few days and we all know that during this period, the beauticians are already booked or if you manage to get a rendez-vous, you will end up waiting 1 hour for your turn.


Doing a facial on yourself is no magic.

Disclaimer: Of course, the results that you will get at a spa and at home will be different. It’s like you trying to make a Starbuck’s drink at home. You will most probably get a latte which will be satisfying but the real deal is something else. ☕️

Let’s get back to our Spa Facial at home before I get sidetracked with food talk again. 🙌🏼


You will need products that you already own (which means 0 expenses) and might take 1 hour of your time.

Gather around these products and we shall start:

▽ Makeup Remover

▽ Face wash

▽ Exfoliator (a home-made recipe is mentioned below)

▽ Toner (I use Rose Water)

▽  A bowl (to steam your face)

▽ A towel

▽ Extractor (also known as comedon)

▽ Your favorite mask

▽ Moisturizer/ Serum/ Aloe Vera Gel


That’s it my lovelies. Let’s get into the steps and give some love to our skin!

Step 1- Cleanse your skin/ Remove any left-over makeup


This step is really important. Why? 

Even if you didn’t wear makeup, follow this step. Your skin is exposed to all kind of bacteria during the day and even if you don’t see it, there is a layer of “dust” on your face. Take your makeup remover and a cotton pad, gently go through your face and NECK, which we tend to forget most of the time.

Next, wash your face thoroughly with your favorite cleanser and pat your skin dry (DON’T RUB).

Step 2: Exfoliate to remove any dead cells

Now that your skin is clean and feel fresh,it’s time to gently exfoliate to remove any dead cells and prepare the skin for the next step – STEAM!

You can use any gentle scrub that you already have or make one. I made my exfoliator using Olive Oil and Brown sugar.

Brown sugar is an excellent skin-exfoliator. It helps slough off dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin.This allows room for new healthy skin cells to regenerate and function properly. It will also deep cleanse your skin, removing grime and germs from within skin pores and preventing further breakouts. Use brown sugar instead of white sugar because it is more gentle on skin and works well for very sensitive skin.


Olive oil because it is a natural skin moisturizer. Rich in vitamin E and healthy fat, olive oil lubricates and hydrates dry, withered skin. It does not clog pores unlike coconut oil and prevents further breakouts. Use extra virgin olive oil for best results. Processed products may irritate your skin or cause acne breakouts.

Add 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and 1 teaspoon of olive oil to a small bowl. Stir well and you are good to go. Plus, it is an amazing lip exfoliator as well. 😉

Wet your face and your lips, apply the exfoliator and gently start rubbing your skin and your lips. Make sure not to eat some, especially if you are fasting. 😂

Do this for 5 mins and wash it off. The oil might stay on your face, go on … use your face wash to remove it off. Your skin will feel so soft, like the butt of a baby.🍑


P.s Your face may be a bit red after the scrub. This is because of the sugar scrub which stimulates proper blood circulation in your face. The redness will disappear after some time and your face will be glowing and free from peeling skin and dead cells.

Step 3: Steam and open them PORES!

This step is very important if you have blackhead and whitehead. The steam will open up your pores and make the extraction part easier and less painful.

  1. Boil some water and fill in your bowl halfway. If you feel extra, add some essential oil or even rose petals and be a DIVA that you are under the towel. 👸

2. Place your head over the bowl and make sure you are comfortable. Don’t be too                  close to the hot water but close enough that the steam is opening up your pores 🔥
3. Stay under the towel for a good 5- 10 minutes. Sneak out for a few seconds when                 you feel you need some fresh air.

Your face should look like this! Sexy, na?


After you are done, pat your face very gently and get to the next step right away! 🌬

Step 4: Let’s get them nasty blackheads out!

Now that your pores are open, you have to be very gentle with the extraction. At this point, if you don’t feel sure about doing it with an extractor, a towel on your nose. The blackheads/whiteheads should come off easily from the steam. Nasty but feels so satisfying to watch.

P.s: Be VERY VERY VERY gentle with the extractor loves. It might leave scars if you are too rough with it and might even bleed.

If you are used to an extractor, then carry on and have fun!

Once you feel that your face is cooled off, stop using the extractor because your pores are closed. I don’t recommend doing the steam again because it is a very delicate step.

Let’s jump into the next step instead. I promise we are almost done!

Step 5: The MASK

This is my favorite step. Now that your face is clean and your pores are not clogged, it’s time to use a mask. This is the appropriate moment where it will work the most and you will feel that the mask is seeping in your skin.

Use a sheet mask, a clay mask, a homemade mask, any favorite mask of yours at this moment. Here is some of my favorite one.

Enjoy your time, go on snapchat and play with the filters. Even Instagram have them now. If you are on this step, do send me a picture or tag me  😁 I would love to see your mask face. Here is mine!


After your mask is dry, wash your face and pat it dry!

Step 6: Moisturize your new face and ENJOY!

Here comes the end of our Spa at home journey. Use any of favorite moisturizer, your serum or even Aloe Vera Gel which will sooth the skin. At this moment, your product will get right into your skin. I used Aloe Vera Gel. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips as well and just relax my loves! 💋


I hope you guys found this helpful. Don’t forget to like and share it with your friends and on your social media.

Let me know if you had your mini spa day.


                      I’m sending lots of love to you guys!💖













Not a beauty review but a REALITY CHECK 👽

Do you ever feel like everyone’s life is going on smoothly while yours has come to a halt?

Do you ever feel like everyone has their life planned out while you are stuck? You can’t figure out what to do next. While other’s are “progressing” in life and taking the other step of life happily, you are still figuring out your life? Do you ever feel like this?

Do you ever feel so much pressure (from your parents, friends, partner and even stranger) that even when you are sleeping [which is the moment when you are supposed to relax your mind and body] you feel like your mind might explode because you are thinking about so many things ( getting a job that you actually enjoy, getting that driving license after having a traumatic experience the first time, dealing with “adults” and worldly matters when you feel you are a kid, taking responsibilities – the next chapter of your life)


Do you ever feel so lost in your own thoughts that you can’t even hear the clock ticking near your head or the birds chirping? Do you wake up in the middle of the night at 2 AM and don’t feel asleep again because you start thinking about how will you earn your living when in your country thousands of graduates are unemployed? We’ll I might be one of them soon…

Is this what being an adult means?

I was not prepared for this chapter of my life. Just like after school, I was prepared for college and after college for the university, this time no one told me about this feeling. But, does anybody get the time to be prepared?

No one told me about this friend called insomnia, about these nights thinking about your life and nothing make sense.


While everyone might look happy on social media, no one actually is really ALWAYS happy.

Have a look at my Instagram page and you will think that I’m living the most amazing life. But deep inside, only I know the pressure that is making me feel like I will break down soon, the stress and the fear to fail, to disappoint the woman who worked day and night to make me reach where I am right now, to disappoint my own self, to take the next step, to start a new chapter.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have awesome days, weeks and months. I am grateful and blessed. I have a roof under my head, a warm bed, an amazing family, friends that everyone dreams off and a phenomenal partner. And still, it’s one of those moments where you feel lost, you are at a standstill and you don’t know which direction to take. So you wait, for guidance, for a sign…

These pictures on Instagram and Facebook are just a few seconds of my life that I choose to share because I was happy for a second. I didn’t share the hours of me crying because I’m scared of being unemployed because what I want to do is nowhere to be found where I live right now or worst situation would be getting a job that I hate (thus hating life).

Maybe I’m not the only one in this situation. But right now it feels like I am the only one whose LIFE SUCKS! Maybe it’s because I hide all these feelings that make me like a loser (when really I’m not because I’ve achieved a lot through this blog and on YouTube). At the same time, Real Life is not a fairytale. No matter how hard you work, at some point you will find yourself to be depressed about something, you will find yourself drowning in stress and no one will be able to help you because you hide this side of you from everyone and show only the happy side (I’m guilty of). Maybe the reasons will be different but you will feel like you are lost. 👽

“Hold on!”

People say it will only get better. I’m still in the phase where I’m stressed and on the verge of a breakdown. I’m still figuring out my future and planning to take the step for the new chapter of my life. I’m scared AF. Once I know if it gets better or not I will update you.

Until then, Hold on- Pray- Don’t give up- Stay Strong. Cry when you feel like crying, throw a tantrum when you feel like but just DON’T GIVE UP! ❤

Until next time…. xoxo







How to style a DENIM JACKET in winter w/ Sadyia ❤

photoshop2.jpgHi everyone,

The weather has been quite chilly these past weeks and apparently, winter – well, our tropical winter knocked at the door. In Mauritius, the probability of having days below 20°C is quite rare. Therefore, there is no use for us to go and throw out money on coats and jackets with a thick lining and faux- fur. A denim jacket is just perfect for us, islanders to be cozy and warm during winter. It literally goes with anything and I think it’s the perfect 365 days piece that everyone should have in their closet.

I think denim jackets are such a common term now that everyone is familiar with it! Denim jacket has been in style for so many years now and it appears that it has no intention to go anywhere anytime soon.  I am sure that every one of you owns a denim jacket. Maybe you stole it from your siblings or bought it from the money that you saved for so long. TBH, to get a good quality one is quite expensive and hard to find in Mauritius. While it was in trend everywhere else, I struggled quite a lot to find a denim jacket on the island. C’mon sweet Mauritius, time to step up the game!

I collaborated with the beautiful Sadyia who identifies herself as an Instagram blogger  (Be sure to check her Instagram: l.dina_ ) to bring to you these 4 looks at how you can style your (or how we style) denim jacket in winter, from heels to sneakers.


The business lunch

She created that look by styling her denim jacket with a pair of jeggings, a white shirt, and bomb white heels. To add a little extra, she added her leopard printed bag.




You can find the pieces:

Jeggings – Mango

Shirt – Boyfriend’s

Denim Jacket – Tommy Hilfiger

Heels – Mango

 Watch – Citizens Watch

 Pieces of jewelry – Bijouterie Haujee

 Brunch with the girls

I paired my denim jacket with a loose black dress and added the metallic shoes (I’m obsessed with) to add the edgy look. I love the color combination of black and denim so much!

Deets :
Denim Jacket: Zara
Dress: Fashion House
Shoes: Rose-Hill
(I’m sorry, I don’t remember the name)
Watch and bracelet: I Am

Bad-ass Look!

Denim can never go wrong with basics, right? Sadyia created this edgy look by pairing her denim jacket with a black body suit and black jeans. She wore a beautiful layered necklace to complete the look with heels.

Jeans – Mango
Bodysuit – Red Snapper
Jacket – Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes – A Gift
Watch – Citizen Watch
Chain – S&M
Jewelry – Bijouterie Hauje

Denim on Denim 

Create that edgy street style look by coordinating a black top with a pair of distressed jeans, a pair of white sneakers and your fav denim jacket.


Details :
Denim jacket: Zara
Top: Red Snapper
Jeans: Woolworths
Sneakers: Bata
Watch: I Am

Are you a denim jacket lover? Which outfit was your fav? How do you wear yours? Let me know in the comment down below what would like to read next and if you would like to see more lookbook in the future 😉




My Eau Bleue Experience

Last year, while scrolling on Instagram, I came across of a breathtaking picture. Turquoise color water, waterfalls, and nature. Curious as I am, I needed to know more about this place. After searching for a while, to my great surprise, Eau Bleue, found near Cluny was only 20 minutes away from my place. How did I never heard about it?

Since then, my goal was to go and visit this place, to see if the color of the water was really this blue or maybe it was just Photoshop’d. Last summer, I didn’t make it as I heard that it was quite dried out and it was not worth going when it was so hot. Finally, Wednesday my boyfriend, Jibran and I made our way to it. We planned to go a few weeks before but for some reason, both of us were not having a good feeling about it. We listened to our guts and we didn’t go. However, on Tuesday we decided for sure that we would make it and on Wednesday, even if it was raining, at 11 AM, we were on our way.


There were no directions or any sign but you can’t miss the destination because, throughout the road, it is the only place where you will see a long line of parked vehicles. Just after us, two cars and a bus filled with people joined us. A few woods assembled together were the first step to reach the place where you see the turquoise crystal water. However, to get to the water you have to climb down the muddy path. Due to the weather on this day, the path was EXTRA muddy.  Jibran started to climb down and after a few steps he slipped and held on a branch. I felt my heart pounding away and the group of people (who clearly were not going to climb down) that were watching us started yelling: “Pas faire sa mamou! Ena la mort la-dans!” At that moment, I saw the yellow barricade police tape and immediately I thought about the boy who died a few weeks ago. I panicked and at that moment, I just wanted to go away. I told Jibran we are not going down and he made his way up to me. Even if he tried his best to reassure me that nothing would happen and after a mini argument, I still couldn’t take any risk for something to happen to him, to us.

I could see the disappointment on his face We took a stroll around and I calmed myself down. Finally, we came to the same spot and the huge and noisy family were not there anymore. I looked at the water from above and I could hear people laughing and splashing water. I wanted to go so bad! At this moment, a foreign man took the lead before us (after arguing with this partner) and he climbed down so easily. He slide himself and with the help of the branches he was down within a few minutes.

“Okay Okay, WE ARE DOING IT!” 

I think the way these people screamed and when I saw the yellow police tape, I had a panic attack. There were so many people gathered around us that it made me really uncomfortable and they were so loud in such a peaceful place. This foreign man was a tutorial for me and when I saw how he climbed down, I knew I could do it. Jibran took the lead and throughout the way kept on instructing me where to put my feet. He was so patient and amazing! At some point, I sat down and slid my butt on the mud. My clothes were dirty, my hands were just muddy, my white shoes were not brown but as I reached down, I was B L O W N away!




It was more beautiful than what I expected. The sound of the waterfalls was so relaxing, the color of the water was surreal and the water was so cold and so good, the calmness of this place, the fresh air on my face. I felt as if I could spend days here. The struggle to climb down was so worth it!


Enough of reading, the short video until you visit this little heavenly corner of our beautiful Mauritius!

Until next time!